First RPG Maker MV plugin released!

The first RPG Maker MV plugin from Victor Engine is released. It’s the VE – Passive States. It comes along with the VE – Basic Module for MV.

This is the first one from what i hope to be a very long list of plugins for RPG Maker MV.

Have fun with your projects!


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  1. Welcome back, Victor.
    Nice to see you become active again.


  2. Yanfly did it. What’s new in your script?


    • 1. Just because a scripter made one script, doesn’t mean other can’t do it. (I even had a talk about something like this with YF and he encouraged different authors doing the same script)
      2. Features. There might be different features on both. I didn’t check YF plugins features though.
      3. Diversity. It always good to have different options, YF plugins offer things my plugins don’t, and vice versa.
      4. Compatibility. I work with compatibilities with my own plugins. I can’t ensure compatibility with other people plugins.
      5. I’m only one man. I can’t keep track of every other plugin made in the world, just to not make something repeated.


  3. Welcome back man!
    I wanna support you on patreon, especially if you decide to bring some of the kinds of scripts to MV you had for Ace.
    I LOVED your battle system, and i think the current battle system for MV has a LOT of room for improvement!
    And i mean a LOT.
    The set up for battlers is a big issue, the layout. Rather than straight down, it’s done in a weird grid.. but i’m sure you noticed.

    Anyhow, looking forward to supporting you once i can! ^_^


    • I’m planning bringing most of the vxa scripts to mv, the only ones i will not move are the ones that are obsolete, such as actors battlers (the mv now display actors, so it’s no longer necessary).
      And i will absolutely do an animated battle for mv. The default sideview is nice, but it’s far from being customizable.


      • Yeah, that’s what i meant.
        You can’t customize what’s there.
        There are no movement animations.
        You can’t control how many frames there are per animation, nor the speed.. there’s no way to set up an intro animation.. things like that would be a huge plus in MV.


  4. Sorry to bother yourself Victor, i want to know if you are going to port your damage popup. I noticed that the default one is centered for enemies but looks horrible in actors. Thanks you very much for the action scripts.


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