January Plugin Voting

Thanks to the support given at Patreon, I will be starting with a monthly voting for wich plugin should become top priority for the next month.
The voting will be held at the last 7 days of each month, and will count with 10 options for plugins to vote, wich will include both brand new plugins and VXa conversions. I will choose the plugins from the ones I’m not planning to do immediately (if the plugin is already in my short list, there is no point puting it for voting) and the ones I see a lot of requests around the RPG Maker community.

So here is the first voting!

  • Action Mix: Mix different actions to create new actions.
  • Actors Events: Event graphics are based on the party members.
  • Battle Advantage: Improved surprise/preemptive attacks.
  • Command Replace: replace commands under certain conditions.
  • Critical Hit Effects: Improved control over critical hits.
  • Custom Basic Actions: Control over basic actions (attack and defend).
  • Damage Limit: Set limits for the damage dealt.
  • Follower Options: Improved control over follower display.
  • Tech Points: Each skill can be used a fixed number of times. Similar to Pokemon games.
  • Toggle Targets: actions can be targeted on either the allies or enemies.

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  1. Great work and thank you. I am hoping to see a port of your light effects script from vx ace, since I used it all the time in that version of RPG Maker.


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