New Year, New Plugins!

A happy new year for everyone! To start the new year in a good fashion, I present you all with two new plugins! Escape Codes and Trait Control.
The Escape Codes introduce new escape codes (the codes you use on messages, such as \c[x] and \n[x]) to give even more options to customize your texts.
The Trait Control allows you to change traits dinamically with Plugin Commands. Want an actor to be able to use a new Weapon or Skill Type without changing his class or something else? Done! There are a lot of possibilities.

The first plugin voting ended with the victory of Action Mix! Those familiar with Final Fantasy games know the mix command that allows you to mix two different items. The plugin will allow that and much more. Be ready for that really soon.

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module. Added some functions related to hex and rgb colors (used on the new Escape Codes). Also added a function to get the Plugin filename, from now you can rename your plugins and their parameter will still work! Some plugins have been changed to accomodate this feature, but since it don’t change how the plugins work, i didn’t updated their version.


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