First Voting plugin is now released!

The winner of the first plugin voting finally is done. The Mix Actions allows you to combine items and/or skills to create new actions. You can combine two potions for a stronger effect. The plugin is not limited to items, you can also combine skills and even weapons and armors to create the most different results. This plugin requires a heavy notetag setup, and to make this setup easier, another plugin is also coming. The Notes Text Files allows you to write your notetags on text files, and call them with a single and smal note on the note box. The note box is small and sometimes it’s very annoying to write long note tags.
Along with those two plugins, there is also a small snippet to fix a issue with MV: Bitmap Smooth Fix. This snipped fix the issue where some bitmaps get anti-aliased when they shouldn’t. This is very important for those creating games with a pixelated retro visual

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module. Fixed some issue with plugins order.
Fog And Overlay.Fixed issue with map fogs not disappearing
SFonts. Fixed issue with anti-alias and added new setup for SFont digits.
Trait Control. Fixed issue with Attack Times and Attack Speed traits.


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  1. Hey man I wrote a quick guide on how to use the Notes Text File on
    Under this:
    Script Notes made Easy from text files
    in the “game mechanics” section.

    Thank you so much for this, the only reason I did it was so more people could find great scriptwriters like yourself and to understand how to go about it without fumbling around and wasting a whole bunch of time. If you need me to remove it, let me know, I stated that you did all of your work and yanfly did all of his, your guys’ scripts were compatible and that is why I use them. I tested this out with Yanfly’s Job Points script first to make sure it works. I will try to check this again, please message cybrim on the forums, that is me if you have any concerns/questions/comments/dislikes, I do not question your legal authority and will be happy to comply if you do not like this, I only did it as a time saver for others.


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