I’m not dead (yet!)

Sorry for the long time withou updates (do anyone really care?). I got carried away while working on a new plugin. And forgot about all other plugins. For now i will let this plugin in standby and work on the rest of all plugins I still have to port from VXa. Wich plugin i’m working on? You will have to wait to know ;D
Anyway, here is the plugin for this update: Event Conditions. This plugin allows you to use any code as the condition for event pages. By default, olny a few options are available to be used as condition for events: 2 switch conditions, 1 variable condition, 1 Self Switch condition, 1 item condition and 1 actor condition. Most of those options were rather limited and you need to be very criative to create events with more complex conditions. This plugin solves that by allowing you to use any valid javascript code for the condition, wich opens near to limiteless possibilities.

Plugins Updated:
Mix Actions: fixed issue when using item from the menu.
State Graphics: fixed issue with map graphics not updating properly and with the plugin calling wrong files.



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  1. I care too ! Your work is amazing !


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