An inspiring day

Today, browsing at the forums as unsual, I saw an old request, a request that I already saw several times. The request was about replicating the Dragoon Jump/Pokemon Dig skills. I have done the Dragoon Jump before on RPG Maker VXa. And whenever I saw this request i thought myself “I will do it after I have done my Animated Battle”. But then today something different happended:
I had a great idea, that would not only allow that, but also many other things. This idea turned out into two plugins. One of wich I’m posting now, the other will be posted (hopefully) tomorrow. The Unreachable Targets is a plugin that can make battlers totally unreachable. Part of the concept of the Jump/Dig skill is to make the target unreachable for a time and this plugin provides this part. In addition to that, i’ve added the possibility to make that some battler can reach the targets, so you can make for example a flying battler that can be reached only by ranged attacks. Or even a battle like Final Fantasy VI Varga’s Fight, where the party can’t reach the boss until his “bodyguards” left the field.

Tomorrow I plan to release another plugin that together will enable the creation of the “Jump” and “Dig” skill, and if time allows, another special thing.


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