An inspiring day, part 2 and an “accident[?]”

To continue what I’ve started yesteday after the brainstorm, here is the second plugin to accomplish the idea I had: Charge Actions. The charge actions allows you to create actions that must be “charged” before it’s used. So the battler must use it, charge for one or more turns (and while charging the battler can’t take actions) and only after this charge time the action is finally used.
The main point of this plugin is that the charge is set up with a state, so while charging the battler will be under an specific state… and you can use the previous released Unreachable Targets to make the battler unreachable while charging!
This is the concept behind the Dragoon Jump/Pokemon Dig skills. You will still need some support from other plugins to make it perfect… and guess what? I have those plugins done 😀
The first was already released some time ago. The State Graphics allows you to make the battler invisible while charging (just change it’s graphics to a Blank graphic). The other one is a newcomer: Cast Animations. This plugin allows you to display animations on the user of the action before the actions are used. So just make a “Jumping” or a “Dig” animation to be displayed when using the charge for first time. With this, the Jump/Dig is done.

Now on other subject, you might have noticed that this post title mentions an accident… but don’t worry, it was a good accident. While messing with the Battle Log window (needed for both the Charge Actions and Cast Animations), I totally accidentally found a way to make one of my old scripts from VXa to work on MV in a very simple way. This means another plugin done: Skip Battle Log. I was quite surprised of how easy it was to do it this time, wich allowed me to do what was probably my fastest script ever.

To finish, the Basic Module was updated to add some functions that helps the new plugins. (And that will help me a lot when I start with the battle system).

The two last days were bright days, I hope to have those types of insights more often 😀


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