February Plugin Voting

Hello guys, here comes the plugin voting for the next month. Thanks to the people who supported me at Patreon, the second milestone was reacehd. Wich means that this time the two most voted plugins will be done instead of only one!

  • Battle Advantage: Improved surprise/preemptive attacks.
  • Custom Collapse: Custom collapse effects for battlers.
  • Follower Options: Improved control over follower display.
  • Incapacitate States: States that cause the target to be considered ‘dead’, if all members are affect it’s game over.
  • Master: Actors can train under a ‘master’ getting bonus and skills when level up.
  • MP Levels: MP divided in levels. Each skill consume MP from pre-determined levels
  • Rotational Turning: When the character changes hise direction, instead of facing directly the new direction the character tunrs with a rotational movement.
  • State Auto Apply: Apply states automatically when certain conditions are met.
  • Terrai States: Steping on certain terrains can cause states.
  • Toggle Targets: Actions can be targeted on either the allies or enemies.


Besided the voting, there is also a new plugin. The Enemy Skills allows you to learn skills from enemies. In the same vein as Blue Magic on Final Fantasy games, the actor will learn certain skills when is hit by them. Alternatively, you can setup a system similar to Breath of Fire games, where the actor learn skills by observing the enemy actions.

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module: Added a function to set wait times for animations during battle.
Counter Actions, Charge Actions, Cast Animations and Reflect Damage: compatibility with the updated Basic Module.



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