Critical Hit Effects (and why I hate Google+!)

Today I have a new plugin and a rant(!?!) to share. The plugin is the Critical Hit Effects, wich gives you a better control over critical rate and damage, allowing you to make specific actions to have more critical rate and/or damage. You can also make so some skill are different when they are critical attacks and even make script calls when hit with a critical attack. With this you can make so Critical are a more active part of the game system rather than just a very random bonus.

Now I’m going to share a very upsetting situation I’ve come across (there is nothing important here, it just a rant, so you can simply ignore it :D). When creating the new youtube channel for the page, I found out that the terms to add custom url to it have changed. It had various pre-requisites to be filled before you could assign a custom url for the channel. Ok, I fullfilled each of those requisites, being the last having 100 followers on the channel (Thanks for everyone following me there :D). But then I found out that I couldn’t use the name I wanted (victorenginescripts the same as this page and facebook). It don’t tell me why I can’t use it, but I know that it is not being used by other pages. All I know is that this is because of the @#%@# google+ and it’s annoying restricitions.

Plugins Updated:
Fog and Overlay: fixed issue with game loading when fogs were on.


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  1. Thank you very much for this plugin 🙂


  2. it seens that it won’t work to transform single target skills on multi target skills, but i can live without that :), this probally would need another plugin to add more target options (instead of 2 randoms enemies it would be 1 enemy + another random enemy, 2 times the same enemy or 2 targeted enemies for example), in this case it probally would need the middle one to transform the target type of the skill, since you select a enemy before transforming the skill :/ (or this plugin could check if it will be critical before the targeting, but this would take away the surprise of the critical :/, unless there is a way to control one of the “random” targets)


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