February Plugin Voting Results

The february plugins voting ended, and with a nice suprise. The big winner was the ‘Masters’ plugin, wich will allows characters to train under a ‘Master’ to gain skills and other bonus. But this time, two plugins were going to be the winners, but there was a Tie between the second and third places. Since there is no fair way to decide wich one was the “real second” the only thing that can be done is to make both winners too! So this month there will be new three plugins as the result of the voting!

  • Battle Advantage: Improved surprise/preemptive attacks.
  • Master: Actors can train under a ‘master’ getting bonus and skills when level up.
  • Toggle Targets: Actions can be targeted on either the allies or enemies.

Also, you all might have noticed that this week my activity was lower. It’s because i’m working on my firs “big” plugin (and when i say big, it’s more than 3000 lines big!). At last, I will have extra free time to work on all those things (the only thing good about Carnaval in Brazil is all free days we get) this month, i might even try some new things.


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  1. I’m looking forward to testing these 3 new plugins! Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Dear, Victor.
    I am looking fordward for you to port your animated battle to MV.
    I wish I can support you by donating, but I cannot do that simply because my country cannot use Patreon. If I can give you single time donation, let me know how to do that.


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