Materia System

Finally this huge monster was defeated! The Materia System is finished. This one really took a lot of effort to be done, but the results were totally worth it. For those who don’t know what is the materia system (there is really a RPG Maker user that don’t?), the materia system is the character development system from Final Fantasy VII. It allows to attach “materias” (a type of ‘gem’) to weapons and armors. When equiped, they grant parameter bonus, skills and various effects. This plugin brings the basic features of the system, along with some new features, such as being able to attach materias directly into the actor and being able to assing links beyond pairs.

Plugins updated:
Basic Module: added plugin parameter that allows the user to define names for the Traits that will be displayed on the menus. While the traits have names on the database, they don’t have an in-game display name, such as HP or Attack. (This is used by the Materia System and will be used on future plugins).


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  1. sorry, but how I make enemies give AP?


    • <materia ap: X>
      <materia ap: 'code'>

      If you don’t know that, you probably using the outdated version of the plugin (wich was missing this instruction). So i suggest you to update it since there is an important bugfix.


  2. I tried to download the js file for this plug-in last night and Windows kept flagging it as malware. I’m running Windows 10 Home, by the way. I’ll try seeing if I can work around it by copying the text and working from there, but I figured I’d at least give you a head’s up.


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