Toggle Targets.

I present you all with the latest plugin release: Toggle Targets. This plugin allows you to switch the targets of actions between enemies/allies or single target/all targets. You can also set the rate of damage dealt by the actions when they are toggled to all targets and make actions that have it’s damage divided by the number of targets.
This plugin also brings a major update to the Materia System: the ‘All’ materia now requires the Toggle Targets, on the same vein that the ‘Enemy Skill’ materia requires the ‘Enemy Skills’ plugin. This was my plan since the begin, but since the Materia System ended being scheduled before the Toggle Targets, I had to do something different. So I added the ‘all’ feature on the Materia System, knowing that I would replace it once the Toggle Target was done. Why not let both together some might think. The reason is simple, both serve the same role and if I let things as were

Plugins Updated:
SFonts: Vastly improved loading times for SFont graphics.
Unreachable Targets: Compatibility with Toggle Targets.
Materia System: Compatibility with Toggle Targets. The ‘all’ materia now requires the Toggle Targets to work.


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