Making the Animated Battle MV a reality

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Hello guys, I’m here to ask your help to make the Animated Battle a reality. Althought I didn’t explicity said that, some of you might have already noticed that I already started the development of the Animated Battle for RPG Maker MV. This is a really large task, but as I said, lately my time is very short.

To continue having a comfortable life I’m currently working in 2 jobs (things aren’t being easy in Brazil lately, thank you Dilma Rousseff (¬_¬;) ) and this is draing most of my time. Due to this, the development of the Animated Battle is going very slow. I wish to keep releasing new plugins regulary, and for this reason I’m basically working on the Animated Battle only on weekeds. But I wish to change that and be able to work on it more often, without stopping with the regular releases of plugins.

And here is where all your help come,  to keep things safe here I need to reach 150$ on the Patreon Campaing, with that I will be able to dump my secondary job while keeping my current lifestyle and have more time to work on coding (more than doubling my available time). You all don’t need to make huges donations and in fact I would prefer otherwise.
If everyone supports with 1$/month I would be able to reach this goal .

 Also, before anyone ask, I’m not saying that I will not do the Animated Battle until I reach this goal. I’m already working on it, and I will not stop. But, without your help, it will take much longer to be finnished.

So, if you appreciate my works and want to help me to make the Animated Battle to become true faster, consider lending your help!
A very big thanks to everyone that has given your support until now and to everyone that will support me in the future.


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  1. It may help if you explain what the animated battle MV is.
    I already have a good idea of what it is.. or.. at least i hope what it is.
    It’s basically your battle system from Ace or maybe just a lot of it’s features made available for MV.

    MVs battle system at current time is still rather limited when it comes to how many frames for the battler you can use, as well as how many different strings of animation you can use for different things.. it’s rather limited.. especially with the grid like layout that MV imposes.

    I also figure that it’s also for animating enemies as well, and maybe even changing the angle of the battle system.. IE making it over the shoulder if you want.. or isometric.

    The side view battle system in MV is what i like to call “half assed” meaning they did not put their best foot forward and make the best system they could make when they made MV.

    So i think your animated battle is improvements to the default battle system so you can pull off a lot of the things that could be pulls off in your Ace battle system..
    I have to say though, i LOVE your ace system, even if it is buggy.
    I been planning to port a project over to MV but i been waiting to see you come along and improve it.

    Yanfly did some improvements but i must admit, i don’t like how he went about it.
    I have a feeling i will use your system once it’s complete.
    I don’t have the money now, but i can start donating next month if it will help hurry things along.

    I really enjoyed using your system in Ace, it was my favorite to use, and i was able to comprehend it greatly.

    I look forward to more of your work Victor! ^_^

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    • In fact I’m going to talk in detail about the development process of the Animated Battle and the plans I have on the next plugin release, that showcases the results of the work made until now. I was going to post it together with this announcement, but I couldn’t finnish it In time.

      By the way, the next plugin covers the issue you mention about the limitation on frame setup of battlers. (among other things)

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      • Oh okay. That’s good to know.
        I remember figuring out how to do custom sheets in Ace with your system.
        I managed to re create different battle systems using it.
        I am just hoping for that same control and ease of use with your MV versions.


  2. William Couillard

    Pledged, looking forward to it!

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