Battler Graphic Setup: the first step for the Animated Battle

*Victor cast Wall of Text!*

Here comes the first step on the construction of the Victor Engine – Animated Battle MV. The Battler Graphic Setup. Before talking about the plugin itself, I will talk about the Animated Battle and the process behind it’s development. For that I will first talk about the Animated Battle VX Ace.

Maybe some people already saw me talking about something like “each function on it’s own script”. This is basically my design phylosophy. I avoid to jam several features not connected with the main feature of the script. Even when expanding it, I prefer to have each function on it’s own script. But there was one exception to this rule: the Animated Battle. The animated battle had really a lot of features tied together. And this is something that I really regret doing. But there was a reason, all those features had one common requeriment: they needed an animated battler.
The animated battler was what glued them together in harmony. And since RPG Maker VX Ace didn’t have this. I had to do it so I could make the battlers first, and then everything around. Some of those could arguably be done separated, but I decided to tie them with the main system.
anim bat 1

But now we are on a different world. RPG Maker MV do offer an Animated Battler. Even if it’s limited by nature, it’s simple existance makes possible to create each of the aspects of the Animated Battler without the need to tie them together.
anim bat 2
So this is how it will be done: instead of a single huge engine, I will make each of the animated battle aspect as a independent plugin, that works together with each other.This will be the Animated Battle MV, an engine composed of various separated plugins that can be used to create a higly customizable battle, wich results that can be the same, or even better than the Animated Battle VX Ace.
This way the users don’t end with many uncessary features that will not be used. One classic example were the users that just wanted to use charset as battlers. They didn’t want all the control over poses, movements and all custom setup. They just wanted something simple: to display battlers as charset. With this new design choice I belive that begginers uses, intermediate users and advanced users will be able to have what they need without commiting to a single huge engine.

Now let’s talk about the today’s release. The Battler Graphic Setup allows you to setup the model that will be used by actors and enemies battlers. You can make animated enemies, static actors and use charsets as battlers. You can also setup a custom model for the animated battlers. You can simply increase the number of frames from the default model, to use a totally different model, such as the RPG Maker VX Ace Holder’s battlers… wich bring us to something “extra” I have for today: along with the plugin release, I made a tutorial on how to use holder’s battlers on MV. I was planning on doing those for a long time, but time didn’t allow. I hope I can keep a good rhytm on doing those.

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module and Battle Advantage: Compatibility with Battler Graphic Setup.


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  1. The download button leads to battle advantage. 😛
    Good afternoon Victor.


  2. I’ve been waiting for somebody to make something like this for MV. Noice job m8. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Victor. Now is working,i had to change the direction for the charset. But i for some reason the enemies are moving to the left when doing an action.


  4. This script is awesome! I also love the details about the different plugins that make up animating battlers, and can’t wait to see “Throwable items”, that sounds awesome!


  5. I removed the other plugins but it does not worked.
    Maybe im just out of luck.:P
    Good afternoon Victor


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