Incapacitate States and State Replace

Hello, here comes another new batch of plugins. This time with 2 plugins. After the really hard work on the Battler Graphic Setup. I wanted to do something easier to relax. So I go simple RPG Makek VXa script to move into MV: Incapacitate States (VXa). But things were being so easy that I decided to expand it a bit. So I’ve split the incapactitate states functions into two different plugins and spiced up one of them. The results are the Incapacitate States and State Replace.
The Incapacitate States kept the core function of it’s older VXa brother: to make states that makes the target to be considered ‘dead’. With this you can create states like petrification.
The State Replace got the second function of the VXa incapacitate states, that was assigin death states to another states and expaned that by making it possible to replace it with any state, and more, you can also remove states , wich is different from just adding it to the action effect (the state is only removed if the original state is applied), and the best function: you can process script codes when successfully applying the state.

Plugins Updated:
Battler Graphic Setup: some minor bug fixes about positions and frames.


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