March Plugin Voting Results

The March Plugin Voting has ended. And the winners this month are: Custom Basic Actions and Death Counter.

The Custom Basic Actions will allows you to change the attack and guard skill based on the actor, class, equipment and states. The basic use is to create weapons that uses a skill different from the Skill Id 1 for the basic attack. But you can go further making each character to have a different basic attack and/or guard for example.

With the Death Counter you be able to setup a trait that will trigger when the battler takes an lethal hit and allows it to make a last action before dying. You can do bosses that uses a ‘Final Attack’ before their dying breath, or make actors that can persist and survive an otherwise mortal attack.

Plugins Updated:
Toggle Targets: fixed issues with guard applying state to enemy, issues with healing spells on the menu and issues Attack Times+ targets.
Custom Vehicles: Added setting for terrain tags and fixed issue with normal vehicles.


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  1. Example of death counter,if someone is interested:

    Im looking forward to it Victor. 😀


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