Plugins Updates

This time there is no new plugin to show. I’m here to post an update on several plugins. The main change on most of the plugins was to change how the plugins handles notes with script codes.

Previously, some plugins had notetags with the format
<notetag: ‘code’>

The issue with this format is that it’s not very friendly with line breaks, wich limited how flexible the script codes could be.

With that in mind I changed all (I belive it was all, if someone find a script notetag with the old format, tell me) notetags with script codes to the following format:

This format, already used on some tags, is better to handle codes, since you can have codes as long as you wish with no issue.

There were also some minor changes and code polishing.
If anyone have issues with the updates, let me know.

Plugins Updated:
Action Dodge
Action Resistance
Action States
Action Strengthen
Counter Actions
Critical Hit Effects
Hit Formula
Reflect Actions
Skip Battle Log
State Graphics
Tech Points
Toggle Targets


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  1. I just saw the Yanfly Engine plug-in for “Input Combo Skills” (Deathblows ala Xenogears). I’m not sure if it’s been asked, but would there be a way to make it usable with VE for VX Ace and MV?


    • There is no way to make a VX Ace script to work on MV, it needs to be recreated.

      About the compatibility, I’m not working on compatibility for VX Ace, i’m focusing on MV now, for now, on Ace, I will only work on major bug fixing.


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