Triple Release!

Hello guys, have you all missed me? I’m here to bring the Custom Basic Actions… wait! I’m not here to bring it, I’m here to tell that I will not release the it. I know that it won the voting, but i simply can’t release it. The Custom Basic Actions had 3 main features that would be added to the basic attack: replace attack, followup attack and attack ammunition… but again I had a great idea!

naru5(Yes, I love Naru)

Why make those 3 features limited to the basic actions, instead of making them available for all actions? Yes, there was no reason to not do this, and the result is 3 new plugins!
FollowUp Skills, Replace Actions, Skill Ammunition.

The FollowUp Skills allows you to setup skills that are used in sequence after another action. One thing that comes to mind is the Ragnarok sword from FF6, that could cast Flare randomly after attacks.

The Replace Actions, as it’s name implies, allows you to replace some actions with a skill. The most obvious use for this is to make weapons with different basic attack skills. But it’s not limited to that, since you can set a rate for the replace to happen, wich opens a lot of possibilities.

And the last one, Skill Ammunition, allows you to setup skills that requires ‘ammunition’ (wich can be actually any weapon, armor or item) to be used. You can make projectile weapons or make spells that requires items to be cast.

Plugins Updated:
Battler Graphic Setup: added individual frame number for motions and some bug fixes.
Direct Commands: Added custom code notetags.
Fog and Overlay: Battle fog display bug fix.
Toggle Targets: Added plugin parameters for default setup.
Unreachable Targets: Added reachable and custom script code notetags.


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