Death Counter!

Hello, guys. Here come the second winner of March plugin voting. The Death Counter! This plugin allows you to setup actions that are used after the battler takes lethal damage, before he dies. This allows you to create enemies that unleash final attacks before their dying breath, auto revive states, such as the ‘Guts’ from Breath of Fire series or the ‘Auto Life’ from Final Fantasy. You can also set common events to be called instead of an action, this way you can make a cutscene when the enemy dies, or create systems that cares about when the enemy dies, such as counting how many enemies were killed.

Also there is a bonus! On the plugin video there is a hidden reference. The first one to find it and post on the video comments on youtube will be given the right to request a simple plugin!

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module: added functions to check opponents.
Battler Graphic Setup: Added plugin parameter to mirror animations.
Battle Advantage: Compatibility with Basic Module 1.14.
Command Replace: Improved code for better handling script codes.
Counter Actions: Added common event counter and ignore counter notetag.
FollowUp Skills: Changed behavior when actions have different scope and added more followup triggers.
Loop Animation: Fixed issue with hiding loop animation.
Materia System: Fixed issue with materia armor type higher than 9.
Action Replace : Added more replace triggers.

IMPORTANT: Those who update the Basic Module, will also need to update the Battler Graphic Setup and Battle Advantage, if using any of them.


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