Dual Wield… and twitter?!?

Hello guys. Here comes another new plugin. The Dual Wield. This plugin improves the Dual Wield trait and adds some new features. The equipment slot is changed, an actor with Dual Wield will not lose it’s ability to use shields, so he can choose to use a shield or weapon on the off hand. The battle motion is also changed, so each weapon has it’s own attack motion, displaying the proper weapon for each hand and their respective animation. The damage is also calculated separated.

Along with that, the plugin enable the creatin of two handed weapons, allows double grip (increase the attack of weapons on the main hand when not equiped with anything on the off hand), monkey grip (equip one handed weapons or shield on the off hand when using two handed weapons) and bare handed (increased unnaermed damage, monks!)

I’ve also made a twitter, because of reasons. Actually I just made it because I was going to download some files and it was required. But since it’s now created, why not use? It might take a while until i get used to it, but let’s see who much this can be useful.
You all can follow me at @victorenginemv.

Plugins Updatead:
Basic Module: Added function for compatibility with YEP.
Counter Actions: Compatibility with Dual Wield.
Death Counter: Compatibility with Dual Wield.
FollowUp Skills: Compatibility with Dual Wield.
Replace Actions: Compatibility with Dual Wield.
Retaliation Damage: Improved counter attack timing.


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  1. Sorry to bother yourself Victor,when i use two weapons it shows only the first weapon for the two attacks. I will remove the yanfly weapons animation to do a test.


    • It’s probably the issue.
      And if it is all you will have to do is wait, as i won’t work on a compatibility fix for that, because there are two possibilities.
      1 – The RM dev team approve my suggestion for selection the weapon graphic for each weapon.
      2 – The RM dev team don’t approve the suggestion and i will make my own plugin for that. Since it will be used heavly on the animated battle, I would prefer to have my own plugin, so I can do things my way rather than adapting things.


  2. I feared that… But dont worry my friend,i have other alternatives. I can use your cast animation (for creating the weapons animations) or the japanese plugin i found a few months ago.


  3. Hey, when I tried downloading your scripts. My virus scanner kept saying virus detected.


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