April Plugin Voting

Here comes another plugin voting! We will be voting for thow new plugins that will be developed during april.

  • Arrow Cursor: display an arrow cursor for selection on windows.
  • Charset Effects: Display varied effects on map charsets.
  • Equipment Set: Create equipments that offer additional bonus when equiped together.
  • Follower Options: Improved control over follower display.
  • Item Categories: Setup new categories for items.
  • MP Level: MP divided in levels. Each skill consume MP from pre-determined levels
  • Sprite in Windows: Display animated SV Actor or Charset on windows.
  • State Countdown: Setup states that are applied only after a countdown ends.
  • Substitute Conditions: Setup conditions for the ‘Substitute’ trait to trigger.
  • Terrain States: Steping on certain terrains can cause states.


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