Reduced Activity

I’m here today to bring a notice that might be not good for some people. Until further notice I will be reducing the rhythm I release new plugins.

Short ver.:
I’m putting to much time on scripting, but the support has been too low for me to keep this rhythm.

Long ver.:
I make scripts for RPG Maker for fun, because I really like it, it’s not a job, it’s not how I make living. But lately it has become much like a job (and one I get paid very little for).
My routine was basically ‘Wake up > Job 1 > Job 2 > Maker > Sleep’.

I asked for the people support so I could keep releasing plugins regularly, without the need to give up on anything, but the support was a lot lower that I expected it would be.
For a time, I gave up on a lot of things in favor of the maker, but I won’t be doing this anymore. I really love to code for the RPG Maker, but not that much to the point of making it into a third (and unpayed) job and ending with no free time for anything else.

I’ve come to realize how much I’ve been putting on the maker when I noticed that this anime season is ending… and I didn’t watch even a single one. Anime is my second prefered activity, and I forsaken it completely in favor for the maker. Not to mention I didn’t play a single game, or watched a single movie. I basically only left the maker for christmas and new year’s eve. It’s time to come back to life.

I won’t stop making plugins, because I really like it. But, at last for now, I will not do things like release 2-4 plugins in a single week. I will reduce the number of plugins for 1 per week until I’m able to leave my secondary job, wich would give me a lot more free time to dedicate for plugin making without restricting myself.

I must thanks the few people who really wanted to help me to get more plugins done. Thank you all for your support.


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  1. I can understand your situation completely. Youve always have had my full support.


  2. You know, I always kind of thought that for a guy who works two jobs, you make a LOT of scripts. I think a break is well deserved and you should take it easy for a bit. Sorry for my lack of financial support, I simply don’t have the funds to contribute at the moment. However, I wish you the best of luck!


  3. all the best! you are an amazing scripter I always look forward your releases


  4. Ethan Yggdrail

    Dude, Yanfly was pushing out 2 plug-ins a week and his health was going South. For a guy with two jobs, I think you’re overdoing it too. Don’t worry about us, you’re health is more important to us than the plug-ins, so go and enjoy yourself! Watch some anime! Play some (not RPG Maker) games! Get some real sleep! We’ll still be here to support you and it doesn’t change how awesome you are.


    • My health is quite safe in fact, thanks for the concern.

      I could pull more plugins if I wanted without risking my health.

      It’s more a motivation issue than a health one. Giving up so many things and putting so much time and effort for so little return doesn’t make me feel much motivated to keep going so hard on it.


  5. This may not means much but I just want to say Thank you for creating all this plugins. They helped me a lot on my project (which is just a hobby), I’m an accounting Master & have little to none knowledge in all those programming stuffs but your plugins make my idea much more feasible!!! (I love your Battler Graphic Setup 😀 )
    Admire your work and your passion. You should reduce your workload if you must but I just want you to know that I’m really grateful for what you’ve done for us, for me and for free.

    And well, I’m so sorry for not able to contribute anything in money value (yet) since I’m unemployed & looking for a job as well… 😦

    Have a nice day and take care of your health 🙂


  6. Dear Victor,

    I understand your situation. But I just curious why did you remove your patreon link in this website? It will make your visitor unnotice if you need some support from them or how they can support you.

    Patreon is really good, but it looks like not every country is supported which is why is it better for you to also including PayPal button.

    Afterall, thank you for your great scripts and plugins, although I cannot support you monthly, I still try my best to support you financially.



    • I didn’t remove it, in fact, it’s all over the place (except on this sticky post, I guess), all plugin post have a link to it. I think no one would contribute without looking at them
      In any case, think I add another link somewhere else more visible.


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