Battle Status Window

Hello makers. Here comes another new plugin. The Battle Status Window allows you to customize the battle status window to make it looks the way you want.

This one got me really upset, not because of the plugin itself, but because something very weird that happened. While developing it, at some point the plugin file was simply empty, I don’t know what happened. I just changed windows as I always do for testing the plugin, and when I was back to the editor the plugin was gone. Because of this I had to redo the plugin. But whatever, this is now in the past and the plugin is done.

With this plugin you will be able to change the battle status window display, giving it an unique look. This plugin is just the first on the line of plugins to customize the battle windows layout, soon I will make plugins for the command window, skill and item windows and one for to replace the target window.

Plugins updated:
Direct Commands: Compatibility with Battle Status Window.


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  1. Cool.
    Thank you very much for the plugin.


  2. Hi, Victor.

    After playing with your ‘Battle Status Window’ plugin, I found several issue. I am not sure if they was bugs or it just my own mistake.

    1. In plugin parameter ‘Name Fontface’ the default value is ‘this.hpColor(actor)’. It makes Actors name font size become small. If I change to ‘this.standardFontFace()’, the Actors name font size return to normal. I don’t know if you make it by design or it is a typo?

    2. If I choose the default ‘Spark’ skill from actor ‘Harold’, The message ‘Type Error’ appear and said “Cannot read property ‘iconIndex’ of null”

    3. How you make Status Window to become Final Fantasy IX style?
    I already disable HP and MP gauge and tried several plugin parameters, but cannot find how to hide the “HP” and “MP” text themselves. Changing font color to 0 or leave it blank just make the font become black color. And how you can add ‘Name’, ‘HP’, ‘MP’, and ‘TP’ text on top of Status parameter? Are they real text or did you use image?

    Sorry for any inconvenience.


  3. Not sure if my comment went through. But if it did, if this could be deleted please. So, like ryan, i was also having issues using spark skill and new skills I’ve made. I get the same “Cannot read property ‘iconIndex’ of null” when I have the plugin on. Thank you for your time! I also have the plugin in its most recent version (1.4 I believe)


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