Equip Set

Hello, makers. Here comes the second winner for this month plugin voting. The Equip Set allows you to create equipments that grants extra benefits when used together. This can be used to make sets of equipment that gives extra effects when all parts are assembled.

You can create the legendary ‘Dragon Set’ that gives the wearer the power of dragons when using all parts together. Or the ‘Onion Knight Set’, that each part is very weak, but together it makes the character unbeatable.

This is not limited only to individual equips, but can also be used with equip types. You can make an accessory that makes the character stronger when using any type of sword. Or a shield to be wielded together with spears for better efficiency.

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  1. That is great stuff. The “sets” offer an easy tool for game devs to make loot hunting more interesting for the players while the “equip types” opens up a lot of new possibilities for skills and character development.


  2. hello, this is great, can i suggest if it is possible for party members to have sets, like this.


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