Animated Battle: Battle Motions

Hello makers! I’m here to bring another new plugin, and this time a very special one, the waited (at last for some people =P) Battle Motions. This plugin is my own take on an animated battle system based on action sequence, allowing to completely customize the battle actions motions. You can make from a simple ‘move to the enemy’ attack, from very elaborated action sequence, with multiple movements, motions and animations. You can set every setp of the action (actually you must do it, since the action will strictly follow your commands), so the limit is your creativity.

There is also a nice update. The Charge Actions was updated to the version 2.00. I changed how it’s setup is done, now it no longer requires two separated skills to work, just setup one skill and the notetag, and the magic will happen!

And there is still more! Those who follow the page might have noticed that I didn’t start a voting for this month. No, this time I didn’t forgot about it. I wanted to do something different to match the release of the Battle Motions, so I delayed the voting start. Well, instead of talking about the voting, let’s start it!

Dragoon Jump: The battler jumps high in the air and stays unreachable for a time, then he falls on the target dealing damage.
The other skills are displayed on the video.

The voting this time is not about plugins, but about detailed step-by-step video tutorials on how to setup the action sequences shown on the video (plus the dragoon jump). The three more voted will be done  within this month. Yes, it will be three. Since the tutorial are just the videos, they require a bit less effort than making a whole plugin, since I still need to make a video for the plugin release after the code is done.

Plugins updated:
Basic Module:  Improved method stack for dynamic motions and added functions for compatibility with Battle Motions.
Battle Graphic Setup:  Compatibility with Battle Motions and added enemy gtaphic sufix.
Charge Actions: No longer requires two different skills. (v 2.00)
Battle Advantage: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Counter Actions: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Damage Popup: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Death Counter: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Dual Wield: Compatibilty with Battle Motions.
Followup Skills: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Fog and Overlay: Fixed issue when calling new Fogs with Plugin Commands.
Skip Battle Log: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Throwable Objects: Compatibility with Battle Motions.

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  1. Is there any way you might be able to release a source demo for this plugin? I am trying to get it to work in my game but nothing seems to be working. Tried notes of items, character, and nothing. But I know the plugin is working because the characters run to the enemy when attacking them (which they didn’t do that before the plugin).

    I want a pic of their equipped item to show up just before they shoot the enemy.


    • “tride notes of item, characters and nothig”
      What notes exactly did you try? Post your notes and I can help you to find what is wrong and make it work.

      Now a demo? No chance.


  2. Good work Vic, I still use your scripts. Great work!
    As always, I am impressed. You got heart bro.


  3. I am in awe of what you can do. I’m also overwhelmed with trying to reproduce what you have done. I’m still working on making a good game in VX Ace, but when I do I’ll move to MV. I have a lot to learn, as I’ve only been using the RPG Maker programs for 2 months now. I’m excited and scared. I also need to figure out the art animation and find somebody that can make them for me. And the music, I’m just a developer, not an artist.
    Its funny to see people asking you for demo’s. You have mentioned many times in older posts that you do not make demos as people need to learn themselves. I can only hope to obtain your greatness with a game design and capabilities.
    Thanks for all that you have done.
    The link is the first game I made in VX Ace


  4. Justin Talton

    Wow sadly im sorry yanfly but I may have to switch to this victor engine. For whatever reason on my computer your scripts dont give me the lag I get with yanfly. The only thing is I made so many cool skills with the yanfly script and am use to making skills with his notetags. I am a learn by example type person is there like a place where you have examples of skill sequences.

    Even an example of one attack is all i need please.


  5. Hello Victor,

    I’m not sure if this is the place to ask, but is there any way to set up unique battler motions depending on which user is casting the spell? For instance, if I want different basic attack motions for different actors or enemies.


    • use a condition to check if the user is an enemy or actor.

      <action sequence: execute>
      if: user.isActor()
        # action sequence for actors
        # action sequence for enemies
      </action sequence>

      If the movement is also different you will need to change the movement action sequence too.


  6. beautiful art, the strokes are of valkyrie profile? it seems to me to freya, jun, magic meteor swarm


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