Tile Priority and Tutorial Voting

Hello makers. I’m here to bring another new plugin and the results for the Tutorial Voting. The new plugin is the Tile Priority. This plugin is aimed to fix one of the main issues with maping on MV, the fact that tiles have only two priorities: bellow characters and above characters. This can be a issue for those using tall charsets. With this plugin you can setup tiles that are shown on the same level as the characters, being shown behind or on the front of the character based on the character’s position.

Now, let’s talk about the voting results. The winnes for it were:
– Summon Demon
– Dragoon Jump
– Light Beam
The action sequences for those actions will receive a step by step tutorial on the upcoming weeks.

Plugins Updated:
Dual WieldFixed issues with TP gain  and paying costs twice when dual wielding.
Fog and OverlayCompatibility with Tile Priority and fixed issue with crash at battle start.

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  1. This is not really a question. But im just telling you that after a long time of working on it, i finally figured out how to make character events that give individual characters skills. And i did it in an event involving a treasure chest. If you wanna know how i cracked the code, email me and i will send you the event commands.


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