Active Time Battle

Hello makers. I’m here comes another new plugin, this time one requested a lot: the Active Time Battle. The Active Time Battle replaces the turn based battle with one based on time gauges. The gauge fills over time and once it’s full the battler is ready to act. This system is seen on several early final fantasy games and some other games, such as chrono trigger and Grandia.

Now that this plugin is done I will finally start with the videos for action sequence from the latest voting (I started this one before the voting has ended and didn’t want to leave it unfinished.)

Plugins Updated
Basic Module: Added functions for escape command.
Battle Motions:  Added tint motion for battlers, compatibility with Active Time Battle and fixed issue with equip icon display.
Charge Actions: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Materia SystemFixed issue with number of uses of all materia.


Posted on June 30, 2016, in RPG Maker MV, Updates. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Zacchary Sumrall

    Is this turn friendly? I had to rid of Yanflys ATB because it wasn’t turn base friendly when it comes to battle events and timers.


  2. I’ve found that when an actor’s turn begins as the final enemy dies, the battle won’t end unless I pick an action that doesn’t target the enemy. Am I doing something wrong?

    This is the default settings, by the by.


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