Tutorial – Dragoon Jump

Here comes the first tutorial for the Battle Motions action sequences. The ‘Jump’ skill is a recurring ability on the Final Fantasy series. It allows the user to jump high off the screen, becoming unreachable. After a given time, he will fall over the target dealing damage.

The next tutorial will be for the Summon Demon skill (You can view it on the Battle Motions release video)

Plugins Updated:
Active Time Battle: Fixed issue with Action Times+ trait and added option do show skill name during cast.
Battle Command Window: Compatibility with Active Time Battle.
Unreachable Targets: Compatibility with Battle Motions.

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  1. I already mastered your old Animated Battle in Vx Ace but i think this one is more complicated than that. Do you plan to write a manual like you did in Animated Battle?


    • A manual like VXAce battle? Probably not.
      The VXAce Animated Battle needed a manual like that because it’s installation was really complicated, the Battle Motions, on the other hand, is basically plug-and-play.

      If you look at Ace’s manual, it basically has 3 things: installation setup, list of commands, examples.

      – The installation setup is no longer needed.
      – The list of commands is on the plugin help.
      – The examples will be provided with video tutorials (like this one)

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