Tutorial – Demonic Summon

Hello makers! I’m here to bring the second winner tutorial for the Battle Motions from the last voting. The Demonic Summon is a skill that summons a demon that changes the background and drags the targets into a vortex. The video has a setp-by-step setup for the whole action sequence.

Now talking about the next plugin release, the Conditional Turn Battle (CTB) plugin is advancing greatly. The mechanical part of the plugin is fully working. Now all that is missing is the order display interface. This means that it will be complete soon.

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  1. Hi, In the game i’m making I have a summoner character, when she cast a summon I want to switch out all party members as the summon comes in cast a spell or using a skill then leaves and party members come back. Like Final Fantasy 7 summons. Do you know of a way I can do this? any help will be greatly appreciated.


    • did you check the video? It just shows how to hide the party members except the user, if you know how to do that, you will know how to hide whoever you want since the command is the same, with just a different value (the values are provided on the plugin help).
      Also notice that the party is NOT removed, they are just hidden during the animation.


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