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Tile Priority and Tutorial Voting

Hello makers. I’m here to bring another new plugin and the results for the Tutorial Voting. The new plugin is the Tile Priority. This plugin is aimed to fix one of the main issues with maping on MV, the fact that tiles have only two priorities: bellow characters and above characters. This can be a issue for those using tall charsets. With this plugin you can setup tiles that are shown on the same level as the characters, being shown behind or on the front of the character based on the character’s position.

Now, let’s talk about the voting results. The winnes for it were:
– Summon Demon
– Dragoon Jump
– Light Beam
The action sequences for those actions will receive a step by step tutorial on the upcoming weeks.

Plugins Updated:
Dual WieldFixed issues with TP gain  and paying costs twice when dual wielding.
Fog and OverlayCompatibility with Tile Priority and fixed issue with crash at battle start.

Animated Battle: Battle Motions

Hello makers! I’m here to bring another new plugin, and this time a very special one, the waited (at last for some people =P) Battle Motions. This plugin is my own take on an animated battle system based on action sequence, allowing to completely customize the battle actions motions. You can make from a simple ‘move to the enemy’ attack, from very elaborated action sequence, with multiple movements, motions and animations. You can set every setp of the action (actually you must do it, since the action will strictly follow your commands), so the limit is your creativity.

There is also a nice update. The Charge Actions was updated to the version 2.00. I changed how it’s setup is done, now it no longer requires two separated skills to work, just setup one skill and the notetag, and the magic will happen!

And there is still more! Those who follow the page might have noticed that I didn’t start a voting for this month. No, this time I didn’t forgot about it. I wanted to do something different to match the release of the Battle Motions, so I delayed the voting start. Well, instead of talking about the voting, let’s start it!

Dragoon Jump: The battler jumps high in the air and stays unreachable for a time, then he falls on the target dealing damage.
The other skills are displayed on the video.

The voting this time is not about plugins, but about detailed step-by-step video tutorials on how to setup the action sequences shown on the video (plus the dragoon jump). The three more voted will be done  within this month. Yes, it will be three. Since the tutorial are just the videos, they require a bit less effort than making a whole plugin, since I still need to make a video for the plugin release after the code is done.

Plugins updated:
Basic Module:  Improved method stack for dynamic motions and added functions for compatibility with Battle Motions.
Battle Graphic Setup:  Compatibility with Battle Motions and added enemy gtaphic sufix.
Charge Actions: No longer requires two different skills. (v 2.00)
Battle Advantage: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Counter Actions: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Damage Popup: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Death Counter: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Dual Wield: Compatibilty with Battle Motions.
Followup Skills: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Fog and Overlay: Fixed issue when calling new Fogs with Plugin Commands.
Skip Battle Log: Compatibility with Battle Motions.
Throwable Objects: Compatibility with Battle Motions.

May Plugin Voting Result

The May Plugin Voting has ended, the winners for this month are MP Level and Sprite in Windows.

MP Level: the MP level will implement a new cost mechanic for skills. The MP will be divided into levels, and skills will consume MP from one (or more) of those levels. This system was used games such as the first Final Fantasy, Grandia and Suikoden. Here is a screenshot of how it was on VXAce.
MP Level

Sprite in Windows: this plugin will allows you to display an animated sprite (that can be a charset or [sv]battler) on windows. By default, it will replace the face display on the windows that the user decides. But the user will be able to add them manually on other windows if they wish. Here is a gif of the VXa version.
Sprite in Windows

May Plugin Voting

Oh, crap! Again I forgot about the plugin voting. I’m starting it now and will keep it up until May 3. Anyway, here are the candidates for this month:

  • Charset Effects: Display varied effects on map charsets.
  • Follower Options: Improved control over follower display.
  • Item Categories: Setup new categories for items.
  • MP Level: MP divided in levels. Each skill consume MP from pre-determined levels.
  • Rotational Turning: When the character changes hise direction, instead of facing directly the new direction the character tunrs with a rotational movement.
  • State Auto Apply: Apply states automatically when certain conditions are met.
  • Sprite in Windows: Display animated SV Actor or Charset on windows.
  • State Countdown: Setup states that are applied only after a countdown ends.
  • Substitute Conditions: Setup conditions for the ‘Substitute’ trait to trigger.
  • Terrain States: Steping on certain terrains can cause states.


April Plugin Voting Results

The winners are Equipment Set and Arrow Cursor.

The plugin Equipment Set will allows you to create equipment that adds states when equiped together with other specific equipments.

The plugin Arrow Cursor will allows the display of an arrow as the cursor for selection windows.

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module: Fixed issue with battler sprite check.
Battler Graphic Setup: Added new looping mode.