Animated Battle VX Ace Manual

Animated Battle Manual (in PDF provided by RyanBram)

PassiveLion Tutorials.

  1. Hello, do you still have your old manual from the previous site? It was a great help. Can’t find it cached anywhere

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    • No, when moving to the new site I had one copy save but accidentally deleted it and couldn’t recover =/


      • Ah too bad, Google seems to have also removed all cached versions..
        Is there any ETA for a new one?

        I’ll also ask the question I needed the manual for here:
        I wonder if it’s possible to setup different animation for critical attacks in the Animated-module. I reckon you have to use either script or condition, but I don’t remember the syntax well enough to do it. I’m guessing you need to use “item.damage.critical”.

        Thanks a lot, this script is the best one I’ve ever used.


      • I have no ETA, but one thing for sure is that it won’t be before i have converted all my VXa scripts to MV.

        About your question.The RM decides critical hits only right before calculating the damage. after the animation already started.

        So, unless you use an alternative critical system that calculates critical before the action, you won’t be able to do it.


  2. Victor, when i used this command on the actor itself, it worked: script: self.add_state(x);
    But when i changed it to use on the targets of a skill (script: targets.add_state(x);), it did not work and added no state to the targets. Is there something wrong here?


  3. Currently trying to get this to work and while watching the first video, and I noticed he sort of jumps around? Around 13:20 he shows that the Icon for the plant has switched, and though I’m not sure if I’m suppose to manually switch it I feel like I’m missing something as I cant get the battle to initialize after this.


    • I don’t get what you’re asking, your explanation about your problem is quite confusing.


      • Sorry Does this sound better? I Fallowed the directions in the first video up to 13:20 where the tutorial makes a copy of Monster2 and renames it to Plant . When he goes back to the database it shows that the original monster image has changed to the character sheet monster2. I wasn’t sure if i was suppose to do it manually, or if i had done something wrong since I cant get my test battle to start.


      • Well, if you stoped the process in the middle of it. Try doing everything skipping that part and see if it works.


      • That was essentially the end of the video or tutorial, and i just redid the whole process on a new project just to test with the same results. Do you have a minute for me to just toss you the new project and see if i missed something?


  4. Hey Victor, not sure if you still need it or not, but I did save a copy of the manual for Animated Battlers. If you still need it by any chance, just let me know.

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  5. IF you are using character sets how do you change the victory pose?


  6. I hate to sound stupid but where? I just cannot find it.


  7. Hi Victor- hope you’re doing okay.

    Are you able to display the animations you create via this script while not in battle?


  8. This is a bit out of the way, but if anyone is wondering why AfterImage isn’t working the way it should if you have more complex sprites (it only copies the first row of any spritesheet), then look no further. It looks like Victor forgot to include a line that is supposed to dupe the original battler’s current row in the “setup_positions” method that belongs to the Sprite_AfterImage class of this script.

    To fix this, add “@row = poses.row = @original_battler.poses.row” under the line “poses.target_position = poses.current_position ” in ” def setup_positions”. Now afterimages should consider the current active pose row properly.

    Thank you for the amazing script, Victor! You’re still teaching me new things even after all these years. 🙂 Lord knows how long I’ve been working with your Animated Battlers script.


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