Active Time Battle

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This plugin changes the turn management of battles. The default turn based system is replaced by an active time system, where the order of actions are decided by individual time gauges.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. Hi there, Victor! Is a nice plugin and works fantastic, but I have a problem.
    I know if this isn’t a bug, but you know if is possible to add the option to rename the “Full Wait”, “Semi Wait”, “Semi Active” and “Full Active” through the Plugin Parameters? Because the only way to do this is editing inside the plugin, and it’s a little confusing to do.

    Thank you in advance!


  2. Some times, not often, the battle progress freezes when it is an enemy’s turn. An enemy’s bard fills up and nothing else happens afterwards.

    Also, when using the dual wield script in conjunction, a duel wielder some times attacks once only. Also, some times, If a dual wielder’s 1st attack defeats an enemy, a second attack will occur where the defeated enemy was (animation only) no damage is shown.


  3. Hello Victor !
    Your plugin is amazing but the cast cancel and the atb delay fonctions arent working for me, even in a new project with only your Basic and ATB plugin.

    Hope you can find some time to look at this problem !


  4. I started a new project to text out your scripts, all I have added is your basic module and your ATB script. before I try out the other options to customize it the way I wanted I tested it and I was in the same turn based battle as defaulted. I changed settings and deleted and added the script back and still no change at all. I wanted to ask was there another script that was needed or a set up required? I was going off the video saying it was plug and play.


    • No action is required for it to work. Assuming the installation was correct, it should work. So it is either an incompatibility or something wrong with the installation.


  5. I just wanted to stop by and say HOLY! I thought this was going to be a carbon copy of Yanfly’s – but you did amazing work! This is probably the most connective feeling battle system I’ve tried out for RPGMaker!

    Thanks so much for making this gem!


  6. Also, one suggestion for the future would be to allow the battler icons to be scaled to different sizes. 🙂


  7. Question: how hard would it be for you to write in a command that disables the plugin? I have some great ideas which would be helped if you could switch between normal turn-based and this ATB system.

    Perfect for creating the Grandia/Penny Arcade style ATB systems btw.


  8. I’ve been playing with this some more and I found out a few things:

    Atb delay and cast cancel success percentage seem to have been engineered a bit weird. If I put in 100% there is no delay nor any cancels. Setting it to 1%, however, makes it happen all the time. Setting it to 0% gets the same result as 100%: nothing. So something is going wrong in the calculation I think.

    If you have a skill that does nothing but delay or cancel, you’ll get the Action Failure message. I can make it say something else by adding an empty state, just to replace the message, but I think it would work best if there’d be extra options:
    1. Use custom messages for delay/cancel effects (yes/no)
    2. Custom message for successful delay
    3. Custom message for unsuccessful delay
    4. Custom message for successful cancel
    5. Custom message for unsuccessful cancel


    • One more feature request:
      Could you make atb delay work with negative numbers as well. This would allow people to make a skill that advances (instead of delays) an enemy or ally. Would be an interesting addition.

      Love to hear from you! Keep up the wonderful coding.


  9. Great plugin, I have an issue though. I have the default battle music set to mute, and every enemy has a turn 0 event that changes the battle music, that way it can be different for bosses and such. Now no music plays whatsoever. Is there anything I can do?


    • Due to changes on how the turn count works turn timed events will not work properly, I’m trying to find a solution for that.

      Anyway, do you really need the battle to have no music and play it with events? You know that you can change the battle music with event commands before the battle, and return to the old music after the battle, right?


  10. Thanks for your work,Mr Victor.I had a question,though.
    I tried to make a debuff skill that lowers enemy’s speed,however,I found enemy’s position on the ATB bar changed as soon as the skill was performed.The same thing happens to actors when their speed change during the battle.


  11. I came to say the same thing about the ATB Delay/Cancel as the guy above! XD


  12. G day, Victor. i’m just a noob in rpg maker mv, and i seek assistance that your single atb gauge was awesome, but i find myself in error.
    As i tried set the limit of active battle member to 3, your plugin is okay but then if i have more than 3 party member in the party the system had an error
    [Cannot read property ‘_effectType’ of undefined]

    So i want to ask that do you have a plugin that control the number active member in battle?
    as trying to do with Yanfly’s plugin had an error.


  13. Hello Victor, I wanted to know if the plugin work with scripted action (Like when characters speak in fight or whatever!) Yanfly discontinued the ATB and CTB for this very reason, so i wanted to know if your plugins work fine with this! (As story is important in my game (Name is Story of Dras’lia so….) I really liked to be able to have the character speaking at the correct moment! thanks for you work!


  14. Hey, awesome plugin! One issue I’ve encountered though is that rather than move on to the next character that was ready it will always move on to the topmost ready character. Say I have A, B, C, D, and E. If A acts, then B acts, then C acts but A get’s his turn before I finish up with C then A will go again rather than moving on to D and E.


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