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This is the basic plugin for the system from Victory Engine MV and is required to use the plugins from the engine. This plugin offer some new functions to be used within many scripts of the engine.

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. The description in your Basic Module still shows 1.01. Not a big deal at all but thought you might want to change it.


  2. When I installed your basic plugin, it tried to pre-load actor graphics that don’t exist anymore as I put new graphics in place, yet for some reason it’s trying to preload them. This is the error I get:

    Can you help me out?

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  3. Um… I dont wanna sound mean, rude, or ignorant, but does this not work with Yanfly Plugins, or am I doing things wrong? I dont wanna not be able to use either if its just my own error…

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    • The basic module does not change anything on the mechanics, it just a collection of functions used by my other plugins, it has absolutely no effect on YF plugins or other plugins (unless those plugins specifically mess with the database loading, wich is not the case with YF plugins), so it will not cause incompatibilty with YF plugins.

      Also, I do have YF core plugins and some few other of his plugins and all is working fine in general.
      If there is any incopatibility, is an isolated case between two specific plugins, but both engine as a whole works together just fine.

      Also, I don’t get what you’re saying about this “working”, the basic module does absolutely nothing alone, it just here to serve as a tool for my other plugins. If you have a issue with another specific plugin, you should post on that specific plugin page.


  4. Is it normal for MS Essentials to think your plugins are Trojans? mines keeps goin off


  5. When i update from the 1.09 to the 1.13 i get this error when i try to start a the game or a fight:


    • You will need to find wich plugin is conflicting with it (and it seems you’re using a lot). It’s not the VE_PassiveStates, as I just tested it here. So you will need to test the other plugins to find out wich one is causing the issue.

      Also you should choose better the plugins you’re using. For example, why are you using the YEP_AutoPassiveStates and VE_PassiveStates together? Both do exactly the same thing and is totally redundant to run both.


  6. I’ve been testing and I think the problem may be in the plugins ” VE_DirectCommands ” ” VE_CommandRemplace ” and ” VE_ActionStates ” .

    If I disable these plugins the game seems to run normally and without error , ( I tried several battles in the game Troops and testing )

    With the ” VE_DirectCommands ” plugin seems that if there is a command to show in crashea battle.

    Thank you very much for your attention and see if we can find the solution to these problems.


    • As I said, i will need you to find out wich outside plugin is confliciting with them.
      I tested the plugins you mention and they are working fine only by themselves.
      So the issue is probably a compatibility with other authors plugin, and what I need is you to find out wich one is.

      Also, are your plugins (beyond the basic module) all updated? I’m asking because the error lines on your message doesn’t match the lines on the updated version of the Passive States.


  7. You were right, it seems it was a problem not having the updated scripts and positioned correctly.

    I think I managed to run without crasheos, but it seems that there is a new problem with the plugin “VE_ActionStates” that seems not to work.

    I’ve created a new blank project and have added plugins “VE_BasicModule” and “VE_ActionStates” and I’ve made some adjustments to see if they worked.

    The skill that comes default “Spark” I’ve since added the state “poison” and to the “poison” I’ve put the following notetag: “element state: 2, remove 4”
    Number 2 element is fire, and state the number 4 is “Poison”

    I have started a battle against the two bats that come by default and have used “Spark” to poison them.
    Then I used “Fire” on them but does not seem to remove the effect.


    • There was a small mistake on the tags. It was supposed to work without setting a rate value, but currently it is not. You can solve that by adding a rate value (100%) to the tag, or wait the plugin to be updated with a fix, wich shouldn’t take long.


  8. Perfect, putting the percentages seem to work, but I think I’ve found another problem.

    I have created the “Wet” state notetags the following:
    “Element state: 15, 18 remove 100%”
    “Element state: 16, 18 remove 100%”
    “Element state: 16, add 27, 100%”

    The elements 15 and 16 are “Fire” and “Ice” respectively, and the state 18 is “Wet” and 27 is “Frozen”
    When I hit an enemy “wet” with a fire skill wet state disappears normally, but when I hit ice with a skill only puts the “frozen” state without first removing the “Wet” state.

    If I reverse the order of the notetags follows, just remove the “Wet” state but added the state “Frozen” which makes me think that if there are different notetags the same element only runs the last.

    “Element state: 15, 18 remove 100%”
    “Element state: 16, add 27, 100%”
    “Element state: 16, 18 remove 100%”

    As always thank you very much for the effort and Victor work.


    • The plugin don’t allows you to assigin the same id for two different effects.

      You can try to workout something using the new State Replace to have multiple state add/remove at the same time.


  9. I’m sorry, but even if you said that you’ve added Function for Escape Command, I still get errors when picking the escape command


  10. I followed the instructions in the vid but it does not show up as an option to be selected within the plugin menu. Am I doing something wrong?


  11. NoMansSkyIsBad

    good work as usual


  12. What’s with all these parameters listed as “trait names” in this plugin? What and where do they influence things in the game? Or don’t they do anything until combined with another plugin?

    Wouldn’t want this to conflict with any of yanfly’s plugins after all, since they also change the names for parameters.


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