Character Frames

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This plugins allows you to use character with more frames than default. Character with more frames can have a more smooth animation.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. Thanks again. I’m looking foward to see something like Chrono Trigger Battle System you did the late XP, it was the best Chrono Trigger BS ever!


  2. Victor, tudo bem, você saberia me dizer se esse teu sistema é compatível com um seu de movimentação em diagonal?


  3. Just wondering , is it possible to define what each sprite sheet is ? like say i have 2 different sheets , one is dash and runs off of 7 frame, but the other is walking and runs off 4 frames, Would this plug in allow me to define that actor 1 uses both of them in the correct times ?


  4. Hello, I’m using your script here and I was wondering what format the sprite sheet should be in? as in the demisions and how far apart each frame of the sprite should be from each other.The reason i’m asking is because when my character walks, I get dup frames.


  5. what is the right imgsize ? my character is always cut in half or something
    :/ can u help pls?


    • The height of the charset has nothing to do with this plugin.
      This plugin only changes the width of the charset.

      There is no “right image size” the size can be anything. But remember that the maker use frames for charset, and *each* of them must have the same dimensions.


  6. why i just see just the half of my character? :/ i messure everything right and position them right and name it Light[f6]. i guess iam too dumb for this -.-


    • Your charset is wrong. RPG Maker MV have only two template for charsets.
      – The one with a singe charset on the sheet. (that you must add $ prefix on the filename)
      – The one with 8 charsets on the same sheet. (like the default charsets, on a 4 x 2 grid)

      Even using multi frames you must still respect those templates. Your charset have only 4 charsets (a 2 x 2 grid).


  7. thank you very your work ❤


  8. Is it possible to use this with your diagonal movement?


  9. Dear Victor,

    Your scripts are very clean and easy to use. For what I need to do I had been comparing it with Galv’s scripts. What I need is diagonal movement with mouse click as well as additional frames. Your scripts are much more cleaner and Galv’s doesn’t support mouse click movement. Galv, however, has a feature that loads character 3 sprites as running animation during dashes. I’ve tested it paired with your scripts and it’s almost working perfectly except that his script uses entirely different graphic arrangements. Can that feature be easily added into your script? Would it be easy to add a feature that uses a part of the spritesheet for run animations during dashes?

    Thank you very much!


  10. travis everybear

    I have a question about the parameter for animation speed, is it possible to change speed in game via an event command, since this seems to override MVs native speed changes?


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