Charge Actions

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This plugin allows to create actions that have a delayed use. The battler must charge for a number of turns, and only after that time the action is finally used.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. I know you’re probably sick of this question but is it compatible with Yanfly?


    • It’s not like i’m sick, but people could just test them together and see if they work.
      It’s hard for me to test all scripts i relase with all other authors scripts, that is why I don’t test for compatibility, it’s up to the users find out that.
      If you run into issues using them together, you can post here. But avoid things like “this plugin don’t work with YF plugins” YF engine is HUGE and it’s hard to find out wich plugin is the issue.
      If you run into any issue, try to find out wich plugin is conflicting with each other (you will have to test one by one, maybe you will understand why I can’t do that whenever I relase a new plugin), if you find the conflict plugins, send me a report and i will check them.


  2. For those curious, this plugin is incompatible with Yanfly’s CTB
    When this plugin is placed above Yanfly’s plugins it does nothing
    When this plugin is placed below Yanfly’s plugins it causes the user to go in an indefinite loop when it is it’s turn (visibly shown by the CTB progress tracker) where instead of the user doing nothing on a charge turn it will auto-battle and cast random magic/skills. This goes on forever (after the designated charge turns) and because the state is not removed the character basically goes berserk.

    Compatible with other Yanfly plugins including:
    Core Engine
    Battle Core
    Buff and States Core
    Skill Cooldown Core

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  3. So who says Yanfly scripts is alpha and omega? I am sure you can make a great game using only VE plugins, not that I am trashing yanfly ofcourse, I am just saying that who decided that yanfly is the measurement everything is measured by? Keep up the good work Victor, I send you my game when I am finished!


  4. hi victor! I am not sure if you can help me BUT, I found a compatibility issue with the cooldown script of yanfly and maybe you can help me out.
    Can you make it somehow that your script does ignore if a skill has a cooldown, because if the skill has a cooldown, the cooldown will start with the charging of the action and then when your script 1 turn after it, tries to execute the skill, the cooldown plugin will prevent it to do so because obviously its on cooldown… it feels like I should ask yanfly rather than you but I cant find a way to contact her other than twitter ^_^
    well, worth a try to ask here.


  5. Hello! Does it work with the Hit Formula plugin?


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