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This plugin allows you to setup commands that are added, removed or replaced by another commands when certain conditions are met. You can create commands that become stronger versions when the actor is with low HP, under a certain state or using a certai equip, remove a command for a specific, or add a command to an actor after an event.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. I found a bug in which, if you’ve selected an action that is replaced with a condition for other action , and that condition is met before it runs , instead of leaving the first action you have selected, the action is executed for which It has been replaced .


    Using notetad attack with the following :

    name: ‘Limit’
    type: direct skill 29
    condition: ‘ == 100’

    If you select attack, but before the action is executed, the load tp 100 , instead of “Attack” run , “Limit ” is executed


    • I couldn’t reproduce this issue here even copying your setup, everything was fine here and the action used was the one choosen.
      Are you using other plugins besides the command replace and direct commands?


      • When a particular actor received a certain level of damage, or to describe how conditional expression to replace the command?

        name: ‘Limit’
        type: skill 4
        condition: ???? (Here I do not know)


      • a.hpRate() < X
        X is a number from 1.0 to 0.0 to represent the rate.
        For example:
        a.hpRate() < 0.3 = HP lower than 30%.


  2. This is exactly what I’d been looking for. Thank you very much.


  3. Is there a way to combo replace commands? for example a materia that replaces attack with double attack when it lvls it becomes triple attack.


    • Make two replace command for the Attack command.
      – The first checks if the actor learned the skill ‘double attack’ and has not learned the ‘triple attack’.
      – The second checks if the actor learned the skill ‘triple attack’.


      • I feel stupid asking this. but is it possible to give me an example of how I do the checks? I am not very good at the js code for some reason i don’t think I am doing the checks properly. also thank you for all the help on your other scripts.


      • <tag>
        result = a.isLearnedSkill(skillid)


  4. This is exactly what i’m looking for, thank you!!

    Just a quick (probably very simple) question: How can you change the color of the text? Like in the video the ‘Limit’ text had a gradient effect so I was wondering how you do that.

    Thank you!


  5. Hello. Very nice plugin. I was wondering if it’s possible to set the pressing of a key as the condition for command replace. For example, is it possible to make it replace the command “Defend” for “Wonder Guard” (or wtv) by pressing the right arrow key or the shift key?

    Thanks in advance.


  6. I have a question, how i made that the command is replaced when my actor is in a state?.


  7. Hello, nice plugin to create power up command and limit break. ^^
    But I have a question : I use your SFonts and control text plugin, however, when my Limit appears, it changes also the color of other commands.
    I use #61 to #64 for SFont. I want all the text to be in #0 default color and I write this in notetag actor in order to change my attack command:

    result = == 100;

    But this is the result :

    Any idea ? XD


    • At the end of the limit command, use a code to return to the normal color for example:


      • Thank you for the response.
        I thought about it but it didn’t work.
        And I don’t have other scripts except 2 to create parallax maps (the first one to perform screenshot and the second one to bind pictures on map).
        This is the result of the command replace :

        63 is the ArialBlue SFont test color.
        0 is the default color of MV and I didn’t chang it in the SFont script parameters.
        I actually re-download the scripts and it changes nothing. Too bad. I really liked this feature but it seems something is broken with my software. XD

        NB : funny thing found. If I put a character or some caracters after the \c[0] instruction in the actor notetag, the other battle commands stay with the \c[63] instruction.


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