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This plugin allows the use to use Control Codes (\c[x], \n[x], \i[x] and such) in every text on a window. By default, only some windows, such as message windows and help windows have this feature. But with this plugin you can use the codes on any window.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. Heya, I know you don’t really dabble with others plugins but it appears that this plugin messes with the Draw Gold function when it’s paired with Yanfly’s Core Engine.

    I only mention this because Yanfly’s Core Engine is probably the most used MV plugin.

    In this picture you can see that the gold number for some reason is appearing far below than where it is supposed to:

    After receving 500 gold from the battle rewards in the above picture you will notice that it doesn’t show in the menu:

    I assume it’s because it is doing the same thing it did in the Battle picture and the gold amount is being pushed down.


  2. I found a compatibility issue with the ” YEP_CoreEngine ” plugin.
    I know it’s not usual to correct bugs caused by incompatible plugins from other authors , but I think it is a very simple bug and will surely be easy to fix.

    The problem is in the position in which the money it costs the item is displayed in stores , the money is out of sync a little below where it should be .

    I enclose a couple of screens :

    With the plugins ” VE_BasicEngine ” ” YEP_CoreEngine ” and ” VE_ControlText ” activated :

    With the plugins ” VE_BasicEngine ” and ” YEP_CoreEngine ”


  3. Hi victor, your plugins deserve so much more credit and are up there with the best.
    sorry to be a pain, but what is the text code for the writing you use were it looks like it has a gradient in it? seen you use them in few video’s and your new battle motions one. you have used it for ‘hp’ and ‘mp’ Thankyou.


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