Counter Actions

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The Counter Actions plugin allows you to expand the counter attacks options. You can setup different triggers for counter attacks, such as being hit by a specific skill or element, and also can setup wich action will be used when the counter occurs. You can make an ice enemy that hates being hit by fire and conuters or an auto potion effect, that allows the actor to use a potion when countering.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. theirs a problem with this plugin no error but when the enemy counters with a skill or anything it would say counter attack but nothing happens the skill does not play when countering, maybe theres some compatible problem here with yanfly stuff


    • Well, in my testings nothing is wrong. If there is any incompatibility.

      First, test the counter actions without any other plugin to find out if the issue is a compatibility issue or not. If it works alone, then you must test it with the YF plugins one by one to find out wich plugin exactly is causing the incompatibility, so i can try to fix it.

      Just throwing a list with 50+ plugins and hoping that I test them one by one is quite unrealistic, I can’t simply test each of the more than 50 plugins YF have without any lead.

       *  The counter action must be still usable and the costs are still consumed.
       *  Enemies can't use items.

      Remember that the target must be able to use the action, otherwise it will not counter. So, enemies will not counter with a spell that require MP if they don’t have enough MP.


      • ok i think it is working but its not playing the skill animation as a counter, so then it just acts and shows just like a normal counter attack


      • can you post your setup, and test with the less number of plugin as possible to find out if the issue is with the plugin or incompatibility.
        There is not much I can do if you don’t provide enough information.


  2. I’m getting an error, it doesn’t break the game, it just doesn’t work.


    • If it don’t work, then the problem is either your setup or incompatibility. Make sure to have the updated version of the plugin and test it without other people plugins to check if it’s incompatibility or not.


  3. So can i put a counter in a item that the hero is carrying or just in Berserker Status, as example?


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