Critical Hit Effects

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This plugin gives you better control over critical rate and critical damage. Allowing to change the critical rate and damage of specific actions, making some actions to use different when they are critical hits, and make script calls when you hit a critical attack.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. Awesome plug-in, thanks! I found an incompatibility with Yanfly’s Elemental Amplifier. I created a skill with “” (without the double quotes) in the notetag, and the skill deals way too much damage when it crits (maybe when it doesn’t also, I only tested it with Crit Rate 100%). With Elemental Amplifier turned off, it works as intended.


  2. Thanks for the quick response. I’m going to use the one you linked. Just thought you’d want to know about the conflict because I thought it was with a Yanfly plugin, but it’s actually one that someone else made anyway, so probably not that important.


  3. In my game I’m trying to make a variable increase by one every time you do a critical hit. Will this plugin let me do that? I can’t seem to find a different way.


  4. So how would I go about doing that? I downloaded the basic module and the critical hit effects, I found in the help section the part where it says “executes a script code when hit a critical attack.” What code should I put where? If it helps the variable I want to change is variable 11. Thanks


    • Did you look at the examples provided by the plugin help?
      As I said the last example is exactly what you need.
      Just a hint: read *all* the help. and when i mean all, it’s really all.


  5. About the part of using , how should i introduce this on the notetag properly?
    I’m trying time after time to imitate how the default “fire” skill triggers a different one on your video, so i created a new skill called “a”, and wrote on the note of the skill “fire” (the number of the skill a, win case this wasn’t the correct ID, i also tried using , but it still doesn’t work) and . While the skill has a 100% crit chance, it doesn’t trigger the other skill, and just plays normally as a 100% crit chance skill. what i’m doing wrong?


  6. i simply use critical skill: 11 and critical rate: 100%
    the ability has a 100% crit rate but it doesnt trigger the skill 11
    i also tried writting critical skill: a (name of the skill) and critical skill: 0011 but i can’t get it to work
    i just dont know what i’m doing wrong


  7. alright i just noticed something, never mind my latests posts, none of the notetags (for this plugin) i write on any skill apply.
    i was getting critical hits because of a weapon with a 100% crit chance i had equipped, not because of the 100% crit chance note tag on the fire skill
    i simply write the notetags on the note section of the skill, what on earth i’m doing wrong? i even tested disabling all plugins but the victor engine core and critical effects
    critical effects is below the engine


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