Custom Vehicles

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This plugin allows you to create vehicles beyond the 3 default vehicles available. You can make different setups to make those new vehicles more unique.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. Is it easy enough to have the vehicle speed set to an eval?
    Absolutely outstanding plugin btw!


    • The comment note for speed reads only numbers. You can try changing it on the code:

          Game_CustomVehicle.prototype.initMoveSpeed = function() {
              this.setMoveSpeed(this.vehicle().speed || 1);

      this is the code that set the vehicle move speed.


  2. I have a problem with passability: player : vehicle can pass trough tiles player can’t


  3. After you place move riding in the car, Once you got out of the car at that location, it will return to the BGM of the previous location move.
    Can you fix this problem?


    • Well, this is how the maker works. It memorizes the music playing so it can replay it when you leave.

      Checking if the music is the same as the map setup can have it’s onw issues, since you can change the music via events. and then the plugin wouldn’t recoginize that, so I left this part unchanged.


  4. The only reason I was wanting to use this was to fix the weird music storing thing that the RM engine does.


  5. HI ,
    We’ve encountered an issue with “player” type vehicles .
    Here is the correction :

    Game_CustomVehicle.prototype.isMapPassable = function(x, y, d) {
    var x2 = $gameMap.roundXWithDirection(x, d);
    var y2 = $gameMap.roundYWithDirection(y, d);
    // ajout de ceci
    var d2 = this.reverseDir(d);
    if (!$gameMap.isValid(x2, y2)) return false;
    if (this.passability(‘airship’)) return true;
    if (this.isPassableOK(x2, y2)) return true;
    if (this.passability(‘boat’) && $gameMap.isBoatPassable(x2, y2)) return true;
    if (this.passability(‘ship’) && $gameMap.isShipPassable(x2, y2)) return true;
    // ligne suivante modifiée
    if (this.passability(‘player’) && $gameMap.isPassable(x, y, d) && $gameMap.isPassable(x2, y2, d2)) return true;
    return false;

    The idea is to test the passability of the destination tile in opposite direction .
    you can include it without any credits from my part .

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  6. It’s possibly to be “inside” the vecicle? For example, instead of riding him immediately, it has his own map, like the Lunar Whale in Final Fantasy 4?


  7. Thanks for making this plugin! I’m finding it very useful, but have run into an issue. Is it possible for the mouse to be used to board and disembark? I can do it for the default MV vehicles, but not the custom vehicles (unless I’m missing something?). Thanks! My test vehicle is as follows (adding a boarding region doesn’t solve the issue):

    charset: ‘Vehicle’, 0
    initial map: 1, 11, 8
    step animation
    speed: 5
    passable region: 1


  8. great plugin but its missing something…..
    to make more vehicles and not just edit existing ones? no one has done this yet, there was one for vx ace.


  9. How can I use conditional branches with the created plugin vehicles? Like, if vehicle is driven or if player is in front of vehicle?


  10. scottsummers

    charset: ‘BIRD’, 3
    Landing Regions: 255
    speed: 6
    passability: airship
    Step Animation

    but i can landing everywhere ;;


  11. awesome plugin, works great, have one little problem.
    when using larger then 48×48 vehicles the map shows their location as further off to the upper left then they are.
    is there anyway to counter this?


    • The vehicles behave as a normal chaset, so if there is a problem with the positioning it is probably due to how it was placed on the character sheet


      • I checked it out , and you were right.
        I love this plug in.
        Is there a way to allow one vehicle to directly use landing on another vehicle?

        I ask because I’m using a ship and rowboat set up, where you can summon the rowboat in any shallow water, that the ship cant go into.
        The ship can only land at docks.

        Anyway I currently have it fade out, teleport actor to a 1 space island and land on island then get on rowboat on other side. teleport back fade in. While this works fine, it’d be sweet to just summon the rowboat beside and then allow the player to switch back and forth.

        It would be epic to have parameters like “landing vehicle”, “boarding vehicle” and “restricted region”.

        Also is there anyway to adjust the altitude of a vehicle through variables?
        I made a ship that can fly and go under water, so while flying high altitude, then when it goes underwater it switches to low altitude.

        I currently have 9 completely unique vehicles and they all work great,
        thank you so much for this awesome plugin!!:)


      • There is no way to make the player board other vehicle directly from another. Though I was planning to add an option that allows the user to setup a common event that is called when boarding/leaving the vehicle.


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