Death Counter

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This plugin allows you to setup actions that are used when the battler take a lethal attack, before it dies. This can be used to make enemies that uses a desperated last attack before dying and even create auto-revive effects, such as the Breath of Fire series ‘Guts’ or the Final Fantasy series ‘Auto Life’. You can also setup common events to be called when the battler dies, allowing to make cutscenes when the battler dies or even use it for event based systems.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. The hidden reference is Auto Life from Final Fantasy 😛


  2. Is there any way with this to make something happen when an enemy is killed by a specific character? I wanted to make a skill (or maybe a weapon) that got stronger the more times the user has dealt a finishing blow, but I haven’t been able to find anything to calculate and save kill count yet. can I do that with this at all or would that be a possibility for later?


    • You can use script codes as the conditon to trigger the counter.

      You can use ‘item’ on the script code to refer to the skill object, but you will need some scripting knowledge to pull the exact code you need.


  3. what did you use to create the death effect in this video?


  4. Hey, Victor, I’m getting an “undefined is not a function” error when using this plugin. I tried it on a blank project with v1.23 of the basic module to ensure there were no conflicts with other plugins, but the error still occurs. Here is a screenshot of the error console:

    Error seems to occur whenever a party member is killed, regardless of how the plugin is configured.


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