Element Set

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This plugin allows to set more than one element to a skill or item. It also allows to change how multiple elemental damage are calculated.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. Can you add the option to determine how much of the damage will be of each element?
    i’m trying to make a skill that enchat your weapon with fire for a attack for example
    so if the normal attack does 100 dmg i want 25% of that damage as bonus fire damage. that would be 125 damage, so i want that 25 to be affected by the target fire rate and the 100 by the physical rate. If the enemy have 20% physical rate and 100% fire rate the final damage would be 36% = 45.


    • I will take a look on this, but it would probably need another plugin, considering how the maker calculates elemental damage and how I did this with plugin.


      • thanks :). I messed a little with the console and did a formula to get the elements of the weapon the actor is using. So i was thinking of using it (still need to complete some things tought) in a skill with no element and apply the dmg formula of the skill using the target element rates. But damn, that was complicated to do for a skill that simple and to think i would have to put that script everytime i do skill like that… 😦

        another thing i tried to do was using yanfly damage core to make a custom formula. But i’m not sure of how i would make to change the element of the attack in the formula.
        i can use value = furmula, but it applies the skill element and etc. I could use the script i made to calculate the weapon damage, them apply the damage formula of the bonus elemental damage using the target elemental rate. I think that would work, but the formulas would be a mess and i’m not sure how the maker apply multiple elements on a weapon.

        another option is to use a bonus skill to make multiple hits with different formulas (not sure how to do that without interromping the animation). I can change the target hp via a common event using a formula, but it can’t kill him and there won’t be a pop up. So the displayed value would be incorrect :/
        but if you do the plugin / upgrade, a cool thing to add would be bonus damage formula. So we could select the element and the formula that element will use. That would allow to have the formula for physical attack to use a.atk and the one for bonus elemental damage to use a.mat for example and the final damage would be a addition of the skill dmg + all the bonus dmg. Maybe something like yanfly damage core can help you to do that, like simulating the dmg of the skill and each of the bonus and storing it to variables that would be used to calculate the final damage. In the last step of the damage value = skill + bonus1 + bonus2 etc…

        sry for the long comment. I hope something here helped you.


      • Well for bonus damage based on elements, there is the Action Resistance and Action Strenghte plugins.

        You can increase/decrease the damage of actions based on it’s element without actually using the maker default resistance system. And the action resistance allows you to use formulas.
        So you can make an enemy that has no elemental weakenss, but increase/decrease the damage by a specific amount when hit with a specific element.


      • hmm, interesting, i’m doing simple things atm to test all the plugins i got before doing the maps, monsters and etc. I’m just doing a few of all to test the plugins then i’ll decide how to do the game. Fow now i’v the story of how the things were created and how they work. changing all enemies resistances using note tags would be a big pain if i had many enemies done. Thanks for the advice :), thougth it still would be good to do a plugin so people wouldn’t have to reconfigure all the enemies.

        hmm, maybe i won’t have to reconfigure the enemies depending if i can use this:
        [skill strengthen: x, ‘code’] with b.elementRate(elementId). I can also try to storage the enemy index to check this, something like “$gameTroop.aliveEnemies()[enemy_index].elementRate(elementId)”, will have to test to see how things work.


      • do you happen to know a plugin to use the same notetag on all enemies? Like a global notetag for enemies. I could add the skills that have bonus damage there. I think i saw something like that, but can’t see to find it.


      • Know of none like this. I saw was for troop events, but never one for notetags.


  2. I started using RPG Maker quite recently and I wanted to use this plugin, since the game I had in mind would use a phycial and an elemental element, I thought this would be the best way. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find where to put the two elements on the skill menu. I can make 1 just fine, but for the second element, I’m lost ^^’ You mind helping me?


  3. Can’t seem to get this to work…any input you could offer would be most appreciated, I have linked to the RPGMaker Forum below so you can see the screenshots of how I have it set up…



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