Enemy Skills

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This plugin allows you to setup skill that can be learned from enemies. The skill is learned when the actor is hit with it (like Final Fantasy series Blue Magic) or by observing the enemy using them (like Breath of Fire III and IV).

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. Could you update this to include a method to learn skills by using a specific skill against an enemy with a learnable skill? Kind of like in FF10?


  2. Not sure if this is where to ask but is it possible to make it so the skills are only learned for the duration of a single battle?


  3. when using this with the materia plugin it just doesnt seem to work
    i put in this code…

    type: enemy skill
    price: 1
    enemy skill: 10: 100%, 11: 100%
    learn type: hit
    learn anim: 52

    skill 10 and 11 have a skill type that the actor knows both skills gets used by an enemy and when hit the actor doesnt learn them
    also how do you learn type: hit and observe on one materia? because i wanna have a enemy skill where any self using skill like mighty guard is observe only learned and any skill that hits the actor only is learned without crossing over each other.
    i have the enemy skill plugin over the materia plugin.


    • only one type of learning can be assigned to a materia.


      • ok well ill find a way around that, besides that its still not working enemy skills aint being learnt and i just copy/paste a pre made tag so whats going wrong here?


      • further info is im only using the plugins needed for enemy skill and materia plugin then yanflys core engine and battle engine and still enemy skills aint being learnt and the limited part of the materia (magic or all materia) aint limiting the use of them so what is the problem here?


      • “tehn yanflys core engine”, did you test without it?


      • sorry for the many comments but theirs a compatible problem with materia/enemy skill plugin and yanflys core engine/battle engine
        with yanfly core engine the icon next to the skill saying if target all is possible from all materia is invisible until i turned core engine off i didnt even know that was there.
        with yanfly battle core engine it just doesnt allow limited to work either from the all materia or on magic skill, also doesnt allow learning of enemy skills until the battle yanfly core engine is off.

        could you fix this please? it would be a waste to stop people from using half their plugins just because enemy skill and materia plugins doesnt allow core/battle core engine from yanfly and you know alot of plugins use them


  4. First of all: Thank you so much for this plugin! I probably already said that on YouTube a year ago or something. But, hey, still thankful!

    Secondly… And this might be asking too much. But for example if I want to have enemy skills be equip-able, like in BOF3 and BOF4 for example… How would one go about doing this? Is it even possible or does that need a new plugin altogether?

    I’ve done a bit of brainstorming and trying out various things but without success. The problem I have is that when I would use plugins that make skills equip-able like Yanfly’s Equip Battle Skills plugin.. it would throw ALL skills into one category, making only equip-able skills to be available. That would work but wouldn’t really make any character unique imo.

    Personally I think it’s a bit OP to have actors permanently have all learned skills at all times which would encourage players to make all party members into jack of all trades which I believe would cause quite the balancing issues unless you make only a handful of skills learn-able which then begs the question why would anyone then even implement such a system if it lacks proper depth and meaningful implementation.

    Once again, thank you for this plugin, and ALL your other plugins, actually.


    • Equipable skills would require another new plugin. Any restrictions would be based on the equip skill equi plugin itself.

      A plugin for that is on my plans, although it is low priority right now.


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