Fog and Overlay

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This plugin allows to create overlay that can be used for fogs and other visual effects. They behave very similar to a parallax, but have more freedom on their placement.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. One real quick question. Can you place a png image on the screen and use it as an upper parallax layer using this?

    Just wanted to check before downloading this, if the answer is yes… then you just saved me so much time lol.


  2. Awesome plugin, is it possible to set this fog effect below the parallax? That would be most useful.


    • No. The last layer depth is bellow the tileset, but above the parallax.

      But what would be the point of that?

      The fog can behave as a parallax, so if you need something to be displayed above the last fog layer, just use another fog.


  3. Okay, how do you use this plugin?
    The video does not show at ALL how you use it, it just showcases what you can do with it.
    Is it a call script used in an event?
    The help file is not too clear either with the examples.


    • Well it’s actually pretty simple…

      The plugin help has a section “Fog Effect (notetag for Maps)”
      Assuming the fog files are on the fog folder already, you get the notetag on this section and place on the Map notebox, done.

      Yes, just place the notetag on the map notebox and done, nothing else.
      You can copy the example notes and just change the filename and values.

      Alternatively, you can use the plugin commands, just call the plugin commands with the events and the fog will show. It just a single call and done. Again you can just copy the examples and change the filename.


  4. This is looked awesome, but I think Im doing something wrong:
    I did a layer of effects and called it “churcheffects.png” (screenshotted the map and created it with gimp) so the plugin that I wrote is

    FogEffect 2 churcheffects 220 0 0 1

    But its not the same size as the map and doesnt stick to it, it kinda follows the character, also even if I change the hue and opacity options it stills shows very fade and green, is there a way to fix this?
    Thanks in advance ^^


  5. i have created fogs and placed image under the name of darkness
    installed BasicModule, TilePriority & FogOverlay
    typed this in the map notebox:

    id: 1
    name: ‘darkness’
    opacity: 160
    hue: 100
    move x: 2
    move y: 1

    not getting any luck with fog effect
    any ideas where I fk up?


  6. Hey, I’m searching for a way to do parallax mapping, I tried every pluggin I found, no success, it just doesn’t want to work! Well, for your pluggin it’s a little bit different because it’s actually working on small map, and I was all “Yaaaay” and then I tried on a bigger map an the overlay picture just follow the character… Is there a way to fix this ? :<


  7. It does not work for me, I tried making a note, or by commands and it did not work for me. I have to insert two “nox” and “lux” images (without quotes) to make the map shadows. I tried the following way:

    FogEffect 1 nox 255 100 0 0

    And also:

    id: 1
    name: ‘nox’
    opacity: 255
    hue: 100
    depth: 3

    And I didnt get any results



  8. This is probably a stupid question, but where can I find fog files to use for this mod?


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