FollowUp Skills

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This plugins allows you to setup skills that are used right after using another skill in battle. This can be used to make actions that have a secondary effect. Such as a weapon that can randomly cast a spell after the attack.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. So, with this plugin, could I set a series of skills to fire from a single skill sequentially? Or would I have to daisy-chain skills in their not tags?


  2. The custom followup notetag will not work for me, although the basic one does.
    I have tried it on a fresh project. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

    result = 25;

    From what I understand, this should result in skill 24 triggering skill 25.


  3. I have a skill that targets the user, the followup skill targets the enemy.
    But in battle the followup will target the user too.


  4. I’ve been trying to get this to work for about an hour now, but it just doesn’t. Whenever it activates the follow up skill, it doesn’t actually use the right skill. It says the name, it says it uses it, but it doesn’t do any of the effects the skill should. It doesn’t even display the right animation. It only gets the name right. Plus, it still always displays the skill name and animation, even if I turn those settings off.


  5. I’m leaving a follow up comment here since my comment isn’t showing up for me to reply to. I’d like to add that I am using Yanfly’s Row plugin. I removed the notetag for it and the skill worked fine, except that the default animation still played and was strangely followed up by the correct animation, so the animation played twice. That and the name was still shown, regardless of settings. I was wondering if you know a way to make these two plugins compatible? I need them to work properly or else this will have been pointless. I wanted to make a skill that did damage to an enemy before causing all allies within the user’s row to gain a state.


  6. Hello, I like this idea but is it possible to have a different hero use a follow up skill. For instance if I sleep an enemy with my wizard could I have my thief follow up with a 25% chance to steal. I think of this as like an assist. maybe you could attack with a hero and have an other hero follow up with a back stab or something. Thanks


    • The followup skill is always used by the batter that triggered it. With this plugin alone you can’t make another battler to participate the action.


      • would that be something you could add. A trigger for an ally skill or just a skill trigger any time x skill is used its triggered on what ever % chance you gave it, or what combo of plugins would I need and how tough. I don’t know any scripting, just what is in the notes for plugins. I guess your hero would need a passive to do that. I was also thinking of how you could get a different hero to counter for an ally getting hit. Any way its ok if it cant be done or you just don’t want to do it. I just thought it would be neat.


      • Controling a battler action during another battler turn would require it’s own block of code that has nothing to do with what this plugin was supposed to do.


  7. Hello, if the target died when the release of follow-up skills, will never stop


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