Hit Formula

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This plugin allows you to setup different formulas to decide hit success of actions. You can use that to change the default hit/evade algorithm or create actions with special hit conditions.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. This is cool and all, but where’s that glorious “victors animated battle” plugin at ? 😀


  2. would this be compatible with Yanfly’s Damage Core?


  3. I was planning to make a skill that reduces enemies HP based on current HP, but Bosses and some enemies cannot be damaged by this skill. Can you help me to do so?


    • You don’t need the hit formula for that. You can just add an element to the skill, and make the bosses imune to this element.

      If you really want a ‘miss’ to be displayed on immune enemies rather than a 0, you can use instead the Action Dodge, and make the bosses have 100% dodge against the skill element.


  4. You can ignore my previous message, after finally being able to get into RMMV and have a proper look at the plugin, I just want to make sure that this formula will work correctly:
    (1 * (Math.randomInt(19) + 1) + Math.floor((a.agi – 10) * 0.5) >= b.def ? 100 : 0
    This is asking if a random number plus the actor’s bonus is greater than or equal to the target’s defense, the attack hits.


    • thr 1 * before the (Math.randomInt(19) + 1) is redundant. Also if you want the number to range from 1 to 20 you should use Math.randomInt(20) + 1

      anyway, this notetag should give results you want.
      <hit formula>
      result = (Math.randomInt(20) + 1 + Math.floor((a.agi – 10) * 0.5) >= b.def) ? 100 : 0
      </hit formula>


  5. This plugin might make all my fantasies come true, and i thank you fondly for that !

    I tried copying your previous code (The one just above) but every attack made, no matter whom from, misses

    result = (Math.randomInt(20) + 1 + Math.floor((a.atk – 10) * 0.5) >= b.def) ? 100 : 0

    I tried putting every “core” Parameter to 0 (in case of interference from standard hit calculation, or evade, but nothing changed.
    I tried using a very low number as “def” but still only misses

    Any idea what i could have failed ?


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