Loop Animation

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This plugin allows to display looping and cycling animations, the animation loops indefinitely, and if there’s more than one they cycles between them. They’re used to display status effects or can be called to display some visual effect. This can be used to replace the overlay display for states or to display states on enemies.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. download link direct you to Incapacitate State plugin link


  2. I get the error ‘Undefined is not a function’.

    Im using Yanfly Plugins. (Almost all of them)
    I get this error when my state animation is about to start.

    This is what I have for my animation note;


    • Just saying “i’m using yanfly plugins” is not helpful.
      Yanfly have more than 80 plugins and i can’t simply test each of them with no lead to find the issue.
      If you have compatibility issues, provide a link to the exact plugin that is causing the issue.


      • Ok, so I deactivated all scripts. (except your basic module, of course)

        I Still get the error ‘undefined is not a function’ right before the looping animation starts.



      • I need a screenshot of the console error message (press F8 during test play). and the notetag, don’t use < and > when posting it, or the page will remove it.


  3. http://postimg.org/image/js10b2wnp/

    and here’s the tag

    loop animation: 124, state, 1

    yes, brackets are on, i just didnt post it here because the page removes it.


  4. Worked like a charm!


  5. is it possible to place the looping animation at a specific place on the screen- as a HUD element? I want to spawn it right above the text box – as a story point. Also an Option to play it once.

    That would be amazing to have!


    • The looping animation can be placed on Sprite objects, although it would be needed scripting knowledge for that.
      You can’t put it directly on a window.

      Also, playing the looping animation once… this is what the ‘show animation’ do.

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      • Ah I see. Thats a shame.

        Nobody has made it possible yet to use animations by placing them on a specific position of the screen.

        I searched literally everywhere. I think that it would be a very cool thing to have – for special story events during a conversation.

        I thought about having this as animated avatars during dialogue – but thats not possible either.


      • But it’s not something easy to do, the Animations were designed to be show only on sprites, even the plugins that I use loop animations (the arrow cursor for example) I need to create a sprite first and only after add the loop anim on that sprite.

        But there ways to make animated images rather than using battle animations., Search rpgmaker web for ‘iavra gif’

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      • I know about iavra’s animated gif plugin.
        It doesnt have an option to play animation once and pause it at the last frame when done. I wonder if there is a way to add that


      • A way there is: editing the plugin.


  6. I wish i understood the the api. I am more of a python/godot guy 🙂
    So far I am tinkering with rmmv out of nostalgia and renewed curiosity to the rpg maker series – as it was one of the first engines i did try back in the day ith rm2k. Thanks to your plugin work this is still interesting to me. But by god I cant find any documentation on how to get to the good stuff. I thought godots documentation is incomplete – this seems to just throw you in a complete java script made game project with no comments or table of contents anywhere. I have no idea how to do the simplest thing in code – such as checking if the player is moving for example.


  7. Hey Victor thanks for all that you do.

    I’m having an issue where my game crashes when using a loop state (randomly, it doesn’t happen each battle for some reason)

    error message

    State Tag
    loop animation: 130, basic, 2

    Again I can’t recreated it every battle, but it happens 1/3 battles using that state. Maybe some kind of delay issue or something.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    • Probably incompatibility with Battle Engine Core or it’s action sequence packs, lately those plugin started giving a lot of compatibility issues.

      Test it on a blank project without other authors plugins to confirm if this is a compatibility issue or not.


      • Ok I ran it in a fresh project and it still happens every 3-4 battles but not every battle. the battle has 2 enemies and 3 heroes. the 3 hero battlers have a looping state on them and the 2 enemies have 2 looping states on them.

        both looping tags are

        loop animation: 121, basic, 2
        loop animation: 132, static, 1


        Again any help would be very appreciated and I’ll be more than happy to provide further information


      • Is your plugin updated? I’m asking because those lines with the error aren’t matching the lines on the most up-to-date version.
        If your plugin is updated, send me the data folder and plugin folder from the fresh project that the error occured, since I couldn’t reproduce this error and the log message is pointing to wrong lines.


      • V1.02 is what I have

        Here are the folders you requested.



      • I’ve made some changes on the plugin, but since the error is random, I can’t be sure if it was solved. Test the changed version and tell me if you run into the issue again.


      • Whatever you did seems to fixed it!

        did 10 test plays with no crash.

        thank you for such a swift fix Victor.

        Your my hero


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