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This plugin reproduces the ‘masters’ sytem from the ‘Breath of Fire’ series. It allows the actors to become disciple of NPCs called ‘master’. While training with a master the actor can learn skill and the parameters gained at level up are adjusted according to the master.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. I had a small problem, but only when using the parameters in%. Not only the parameters chosen (for example, + 200% attack) increase, but also special parameters such as critical, which increases in proportion. The same happened when I put % in defense and other parameters also increasing evasion … precision … How can I fix this? Thank you, this plugin is amazing! If there is no how to solve, I have to use the same integers. Sorry for english, i’am brazilian.


  2. Hello Victor. There are some problems in the help file of this plugin. In the examples you provide, the final comment note is always when it should be .
    For the param notes, it says we should put params: atk +2 when in fact it doesn’t work with the plural : it must be param: atk +2 (no “s” in param).
    I just want to help because it can be confusing so if you update the plugin, you can rectify this (no problem in the video, it helped a lot).
    By the way, this plugin is really excellent. It adds a lot of depth so thanks a lot for doing it !


  3. Alvaro Benavides

    Hey Victor I hope you are having a good day, I was wondering if there is a way to make a condition for which masters can teach to specific actors?, this way I can keep the players away from using the Swordman on the Wizards for example, or giving more depth, finding a hidden master somewhere that can only teach his skills to a chosen one.


  4. Can we adjust how many levels the Aprentice must grow to learn the skill?


  5. Hi, thanks for making this! I have a question: Is there a way to let the player know when they have learned all possible skills from any given master? So my hero has learned 10 out of 10 spells under his master, how can I let him know that he wont learn anything else from this master?


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