Materia System

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This plugin replicate the Materia system from the game Final Fantasy VII. You can attch ‘materias’ on the actor equipment to gain skills, parameter boost and varied special effects. Besides the original features, there are some new features such as the possibility to attach materias directly to the actor and add more than two linked slots at once.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. the materia menu it’s empty, no materias, no slots, nothing >.<
    and I haven't any other pluguin


    • Did you watch the video? Did you read through the instructions on the plugin help?

      You need to make several setup to have this plugin working.

      If you already made the setup, post screenshots of the notetags used so I can check if there is any mistake.
      Now if you didn’t do any notetag setup at all, you can’t expect the plugin to work.


  2. awesome! thanks for releasing this to us! It’s easily my favorite plugin!

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  3. I think I’m doing something wrong. I’m trying to add a temproaly slot to a character via states. The Scene shows the temporaly slot, but doesn’t allow to attach any materia, just doesn’t shows any of them.

    Is this a bug or I’m missing something?

    Thanks for your amazing work


    • How I’m supposed to know if there is something wrong if you don’t show how you did it?

      Provide screenshots of your setup and notetags so I can see if there anything wrong with the setup or if it’s a bug.


      • Sorry, my explanation is a mess.

        You can try it yourself.

        If you put this into Harold notetag:

        Soul: 0:0:0

        and you give him an state with the next on the notetag:

        Mind: 0:0:0

        The result is that Harold will have six slots. This is correct, but you can’t equip anything on the Mind slots. It shows no materia to equip. I tried to give every armor type permision but this also doesn’t work.

        I don’t know if this is suposed to run in that way or if is a bug.

        Thank you.


      • i will need screenshots of both the actor setup and the materia you created.


  4. I inserted the VE Basic Module plugin and VE Materia System
    on a greenfield project. When I start a fight that appears Type Undefined error is not a function ? Where does the problem come from ?
    I followed the instructions of the plugin in the Actor class and I created the slots in Weapons and I created the materia in Armors . I have not forgotten to add the notebag Enemies in anything but it still gives the same error message.


  5. Edited By Victor: please post a screenshot, plain text like this is totally confusing.


  6. Here is the screenshot , I hope it’s enough, with F8 the other elements not seemed important. Beforehand thanks for your attention. 🙂


    • I think that error may be coming from not having the icons for the materia and slots not being available and/or set. In the demo video, take a look at the bottom 2 rows of icons present when Victor’s setting up the materia.

      I know I’m missing those icons and don’t have them designated in the Plug-in parameters.


  7. Hey! first of all great work with this plugin, its awesome.
    I’m having trouble making the enemy skill materia, actors wont learn the skill.
    I have BasicModule 1.16, ToggleTargets 1.02, EnemySkill 1.01 then
    MateriaSystem 1.06 in that order on the plugin list.
    Here is a screenshot of the materia
    I have it so the enemy skill materia gives a new skill comand, and the learnable skills
    all have that skill type.
    Also i noticed pairing enemyskill with all materia makes toggle on enemyskills,
    will it work if i set both type: enemy skill and type: independent on the materia traits?
    Hope you can help me, thank you.


  8. Hi,you are making awesome plugins.
    But i want to ask something can we use materia menu only in materia shop or something.
    I dont want to acsess to materia menu,however if we go to shop we can buy and attach materias.


  9. Hey Victor Sant,
    I was wondering if there was a way to add a notification with the battle results to indicate when a materia has leveled up or gained a new skill. This would be really nice as I love this Plugin. Being a total FF7 fan that I am. I found a system that is similar to what i mean done by Moogle X.

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    • I plan to do a custom configurable victory scene (similar to the battle status window I did), and when I do it, i will make some updates on the materia system.

      After the episode with the Throwable Objects, I don’t plan to make patches for other authors plugins. i don’t like the idea of having my time and work thrown on the trash can due to someone else decisions.


  10. Hey! first of all great work with this plugin, its awesome.
    I’m having trouble making the enemy skill materia, actors wont learn the skill.
    I have BasicModule 1.16, ToggleTargets 1.02, EnemySkill 1.01 then
    MateriaSystem 1.06 in that order on the plugin list.
    Here is a screenshot of the materia
    I have it so the enemy skill materia gives a new skill comand, and the learnable skills
    all have that skill type.
    Also i noticed pairing enemyskill with all materia makes toggle on enemyskills,
    will it work if i set both type: enemy skill and type: independent on the materia traits?
    Hope you can help me, thank you.

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    • Are those the only plugins you’re using? Just tested the notetag here and it worked fine, so another plugin might be blocking the skill learning (probably YEP Battle Engine Core, as a recent update on it made it stop working with some of my plugins)


      • you are right, i recently updated a lot of plugins, Battle Engine Core being one of them. thanks for the reply


  11. Hey Victor!

    first of all, thanks for this amazing plugin 🙂

    I have a question, i set the notetags as i see them in your Video above (i think so), but i’m getting an error, when i want to equipt a materia in a set Slot.

    Error: cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

    here are the Notetags i set:


    Equip 1:
    Equip 2:
    Equip 3:
    Equip 4:
    Equip 5:

    The Weapon:

    The materia:

    ap: 500, 1000, 1500, 2500
    price: 300
    element: 2
    skills: 1:9, 2:10, 3:11, 4:12, 5:13

    i hope you can help me, cause i dont know what’s wrong 🙂

    thanks for you time!


  12. Hey Victor!

    I have an issue with the ALL Materia… even with the limited in the notetag i can toggle Targets more then the lv of the materia is.

    the notetag:

    type: Support
    ap: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600
    Price: 12000
    paired: all ‘all targets’

    I dont want to Limit the Magic materia, online the number of toggel all Targets…
    can you tell me what i did wrong?

    the tag from the Magic materia:

    ap: 800, 2500, 4450, 9600, 21000
    price: 300
    elements: 2
    skills: 1:18, 2:23, 3:19, 4:20, 5:21, 6:22
    paired: all +15%

    thanks for your help!


  13. I attempted to make Master materia that has only one level and, for example, grants a character every magic spell. However, setting it up with “skills: 1:8, 1:9, 1:10” had skill 10 overwrite the first two skills.


  14. Hey man, i having this error when i try to go to menu:
    (cara, to com esse erro ai quando tento entrar no menu do jogo, pode ajudar?)

    Cannot read property ‘reduce’ of undefined


    • Essa mensagem de erro é completamente inutil. Eu preciso de uma screenshot do console (aperte f8 durante o teste de jogo).


      • Blz, segue abaixo:

        TypeError: Cannot read property ‘reduce’ of undefined
        at Game_Actor.allMaterias (/C:/Users/R%C3%B4mulo/Documents/Games/Project%20Final%20Fantasy/js/plugins/VE_MateriaSystem.js:1345)
        at Game_Actor.materiaParamPlus (/C:/Users/R%C3%B4mulo/Documents/Games/Project%20Final%20Fantasy/js/plugins/VE_MateriaSystem.js:1489)
        at Game_Actor.paramPlus (/C:/Users/R%C3%B4mulo/Documents/Games/Project%20Final%20Fantasy/js/plugins/VE_MateriaSystem.js:1226)
        at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.param (rpg_objects.js:2439)
        at Game_Actor.Object.defineProperties.mhp.get (rpg_objects.js:2121)
        at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.isDying (rpg_objects.js:2650)
        at Window_MenuStatus.Window_Base.hpColor (rpg_windows.js:475)
        at Window_MenuStatus.Window_Base.drawActorName (rpg_windows.js:500)
        at Window_MenuStatus.Window_Base.drawActorSimpleStatus (/C:/Users/R%C3%B4mulo/Documents/Games/Project%20Final%20Fantasy/js/plugins/YEP_CoreEngine.js:1451)
        at Window_MenuStatus.drawItemStatus (/C:/Users/R%C3%B4mulo/Documents/Games/Project%20Final%20Fantasy/js/plugins/YEP_CoreEngine.js:1532)


      • O erro acontece mesmo quando você está usando nenhum outro plugin, pela sua mensagem de erro, dá para ver que você está usando outros plugins que podem ser a causa do problema.


  15. Ele acontece mesmo sem usar nenhum plugin (deletando todos) porém funciona normalmente em um projeto novo, mas como já editei todo o banco de dados e action skills neste projeto não queria começar do zero…


    • você por um acaso está usando um save game feito antes de instalar o plugin. O plugin introduz novos valores que são criados quando você inicia um novo jogo, carregar um save antigo vai causar erros.


  16. Que vacilo! Eu já sabia disso e havia esquecido! Realmente agora funciona! Parabéns pelo trabalho! Te amo S2


  17. Thank you. This script is amazing.

    (No request here. Just credit where credit is due. This is great work.)


  18. Hey, I really want to use this plugin. But I’m completely new to plugins so I’m having some problems. I’ve rewatched the video multiple times and read the notes multiple times, but I’m having problems with making a weapon have slots.

    This is my Actor screen:

    This is my Weapon screen:

    But in game, it just looks like this:

    It’s not actually giving me any slots to put materia into. Am I being stupid and doing something wrong? Or is there maybe a compatibility issue with my other plugins? I use Yanfly plugins and SRD’s Final Fantasy VII Menu Plugin.

    Any help is appreciated.


  19. Then I’m pretty sure I’ve set them up incorrectly. This is how I have it set up:

    Is there anything there that I’ve done wrong?


  20. Esse plugin é realmente fantástico.

    Estou com uma dúvida. Como eu poderia criar uma matéria que aumente a
    taxa de Gold, que você recebe no final da batalha.

    Por exemplo:
    Nível 1: aumenta em 20% a taxa de Gold recebido.
    Nível 2: aumenta em 40% a taxa.
    e assim por diante.

    Eu sei que no RPG Maker tem a opção de colocar Habilidade do Grupo como “Dobro de Ouro”, mas essa habilidade é fixa e não é bem isso que eu estou querendo.

    Você teria alguma dica?


    • Você precisaria de outro plugin adicione isso aos Traits do equipamento que vai ser usado como materia, mas isso vai depender de como o plugin implementa isso. E o efeito não teria relação com o nivel da materia. Para isso precisaria de um codigo mais especifico que o plugin não tem.


  21. Hey Victor,

    can you tell from where I get the materia icons? I’m searchting like hours for now and I can’t find anything. 😦 The “linked to left” and the other two are not from the original MV icons…


    • Those are just a paint edit from the MV default icons that I made in like 1 minute.
      You can try also looking at the topic for the materia system on rpgmakerweb forum, somone there provided some icons.


  22. hey Victor
    on a level 1 materia with 4 stars to master how do i opacity those un mastered stars? because the un mastered stars look too similar to the mastered ones? or is it possible to change the icon for those un mastered stars? e.g. a level 1 materia star 2-4 looks too similar to star 1.
    also how do i make a Gil materia that scales 10% gold gain per materia level? i can do it for exp, isnt there like effect: gdr +10% gdr is gold rate or something like that.


    • The level star uses default rpg maker opacity function, unless the recent updates from RM changed that it should display fine.

      There is no “extra gold” effect for the materias.


      • ok thanks for your reply, so if its using rpg makers opacity and the plugin has no control over that can i increase it somehow?
        when using paired materia is there a way that the paired effect will only work for certain materia it can pair with? e.g the all materia effect wont work when paired with steal materia or enemy skill materia but will pair effect with fire.


      • there is a negate all tag for notetag


  23. hey Victor
    is it possible to make each star of a materia give a state? just like with the skills,
    the limited doesnt seem to work when used on a all materia it always allows to target all after one us at one star when it shouldnt when using limited and when used on a skill materia you can keep on using the skill after one use when its only 1 star when it shouldnt

    limited suppose to be 1 use per materia level right? well its ignoring that


    • No, but you can use the passive state plugin to make skills that apply states.

      Where is the limited tag? The limited tag applies to the materia itself, if you have a magic materia with limited, it will limit the magics of this materia, not the all materia paired on it. the limited tag should be on the all materia.


      • i used the limited tag in the all materia and it wasnt limiting the use of all when paired with a magic materia then i tried limited on a magic materia itself and same problem
        both allowing use after the first use on 1 star which shouldnt be happening
        1 star = 1 use
        my all materia is
        type: support
        ap: 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000
        price: 1400000
        paired: all
        icon: 1605


  24. Hi there. How can we sell materias it doesnt show in any menu. I can add it to a shop for buying but cant see in sell.


    • Wanted to ask exactly the same. But this is only when using Yanfly’s Item Core. When you put Materia below it, you can’t see the Materias in menus/shops, when you do the opposite, you can’t see the materias in the list of the materia scene. Is there a workaround maybe?


  25. Darcy A Plouffe

    Hey Victor thank you so much for everything you have done. You have some incredible work.

    Question: Materia Menu is emtpy (Below are screenshots showing what I did)

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Is this legal to use in commercial games, or would SquareEnix sue the pants off us?


  27. hi i seem to mess up the All materia each time I put it in im wondering if you could write what its suppose to look like i got toggle scope so its not that im just not very good at this yet


  28. Im a idiot you wrote a perfect exsample in the help and i didnt see it sorry about this oh by the way my only reason i ever bought the PS1 at that time was Final Fantasy 7 was at a friends and he let me play it lets just say i didnt want to go home and from that point on i loved that game always comparing the new ones to it even though its old 🙂


  29. also how would you go about making a final atrack materia were if the actor dies it activates the paired materia


  30. This script works really well thank you! I am trying to call it in YanFly menu manager. Do you know what to put in the parameters? Right now I have it set as:
    Menu 21 Name: Materia
    Menu 21 Symbol: Materia
    Menu 21 Show: true
    Menu 21 Enabled: true
    Menu 21 ext:
    Menu 21 Main bind: this.commandMateria.bind(this)
    Menu 21 Actor bind:
    I think my issue is how to call for it from the menu in main bind. I have also tried SceneManager.push(Scene_Materia). Just not sure how to call on your plugin. It works fine when I turn menu manager off but I would like to get them to work together.


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