Mix Actions

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This plugin allows you to create a new command to combine items and skills to create new actions. Similar to the Final Fantasy “Mix” command where you could combine items.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. It seems like its not compatible with Yanflys battle core right?


  2. Hope its okay, if i oist it here…
    This is my Error report:

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined
    at Game_Actor.mixActions (/E:/Games/RPGMVGames/Testprojekt/js/plugins/VE_MixActions.js:528)
    at Window_ActorCommand.addSkillCommands (/E:/Games/RPGMVGames/Testprojekt/js/plugins/VE_MixActions.js:558)
    at Window_ActorCommand.makeCommandList (rpg_windows.js:5381)
    at Window_ActorCommand.setup (rpg_windows.js:5413)
    at Scene_Battle.startActorCommandSelection (rpg_scenes.js:2266)
    at Scene_Battle.startActorCommandSelection (/E:/Games/RPGMVGames/Testprojekt/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:3827)
    at Scene_Battle.startActorCommandSelection (/E:/Games/RPGMVGames/Testprojekt/js/plugins/YEP_X_BattleSysCTB.js:2458)
    at Scene_Battle.changeInputWindow (rpg_scenes.js:2067)
    at Scene_Battle.updateBattleProcess (rpg_scenes.js:2051)
    at Scene_Battle.update (rpg_scenes.js:2042)

    You’re responding damn fast!


    • I just tested both the YEP_BattleEngineCore and the Mix Actions and had no issues. If there is an incompatibility, it’s not with the battle core.
      Also, please, post a screenshot of the console, plain text like this are really confusing.


      • Sorry didnt meant to confuse you.
        Here is the screenshot:



      • Still, i can’t reproduce this error here and it doesn’t seems to be with the YEP_BattleEngineCore, as I tested both with no issues.
        So, I will need you find wich plugin exactly is conflicting with it, this way I can try to solve it, if possible.
        Also, it would be helpful if you can post the setup you’ve made for the Mix Actions (again, with screenshots, since the blog is not friendly with the tags)


      • Okay. I dont know if this solved it. But i cleared all my saves and started it completely fresh. Seems something with my saves was fishy.
        Maybe its gone now. You will here from me, if its comes up again.

        Thanks for your time Victor. You doing great 🙂


      • Oh, save games might break when you add new plugins. Some plugins (like the Mix Actions), creates values when you start a new game. So, on save games those values don’t exist and this might cause errors. After installing new plugins, if you have issues, try a starting a new game to see if the issue persists.


  3. How do you define the “type” of an item?


  4. It would be great to have a formula to pick several items in selection since you can’t define item types. For example, let’s just say i have components like flasks, then i have some herbs and on the other hand i have liquids. I would set the different flasks as the first 10 items, the herbs as the next 10 elements and so
    I’ve seen in some yanfly plugins that you can set “X to Y” elements in a tag, so in this case you could do something like this:

    selection 1: item 1 to 10
    selection 2: item 11 to 20
    selection 3: item 21 to 30


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